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    Dear FleGz,

    I have to say that you have inspired me. "Undecided" - your take on my color changing tens routine - is AWESOME. Stylish. Precise. Clever.

    I was blown away when I watched it. I felt like a little kid that just saw his first card trick. I can not tell you how great that I think it is. Sometimes when people improve things they just do a different touch or two but you made every single second feel magical.

    Thank you - I am your new number one fan!

    Chris Kenner
  2. I really like undecided as well, very visual and stylish! This video is just awesome, keep it on!
  3. I also think it is an excellent performance. Short and sweet, very well practiced. Well done!
  4. T11, please sell this! His performance was so smooth and fluid.

    Well done!
  5. It's not really something to sell. It is just a variation of Chris Kenners old trick.

    I love it because of the way he just does it. It seems like he choreographed every move like a dance.
  6. Outstanding....loved this piece my man.
  7. Hi,

    I don't have the word to express my feeling when I have read your post Mr Kenner. This is probably one of the Best X-mas present that i have receive for a long time. Thank you again for this kind of word.

    By the way, I would like to thanks everyone to have rated and commented my video. It was a nice surprise.

    I have created this trick 4 years ago, obviously this trick is really difficult but i don't work a lot on the sleight involve in this trick, i work on choregraphy. The secret is that each sleight prepare the next one. With this little theory you can improuve your smoothness in your magic.
    My English is not terrible but i hope you can understand me without using Google Trad ;)


  8. It's a really cool looking routine. Hope you don't mind but I reversed engineered it (for my own knowledge, I wont use it), and its pretty fun to do.
    Great job.


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