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  1. ive been working on the TG deck flip for about 2-3 weeks now, and i have it down pretty good, the only problem is that the bottom card is always popping out when i perform the move. I learned it from the everythingelse disc on the trilogy, and i am doing it the exact same way as taught. Is this just a knack i have to get over or am i doing something weird?

    right now im using it as a production of a card and it gets pretty good reactions, but i would like to use it as a flourish in itself, with no card popping out

    any tips are greatly apprecitated.
  2. just use a little older deck i had the same problem.but i juat made a trick out of it lol but anyway newer cards seem to be more slippery so just use i little older deck thatrs all the advice i got dude
  3. I solved this problem by throwing the deck up a little bit harder. Also, don't try to flip the deck too fast.
  4. Flip faster!


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  5. yes you need the deck to be tighter this happen to everyone when they first start out
  6. Yep, this also happened to me. I ALSO use it as a production and it works. Coulple a weeks ago i got the move perfected and now i can do it without the card popping out. You just need to flip faster in my opinion. The deck doesn't matter.
  7. Grip a little tighter, 'flick' a little harder. :)
  8. There are at least 5 other identical threads asking about this. But, since *****ing won't help, here are some tips

    -Press down on the deck before the flip to eliminate any air in between the cards
    -Use a crisp deck without crimps
    -Try keeping the thumb on the side of the deck when doing the flip rather than the top where it might catch a card while doing the flip
    -Practice using more broken in decks, when you get the motions down and a feel for the flip, deck condition doesn't matter as much
    -Start out by doing more slow, controlled flips, again, once you get a feel for the move the speed at which you flip it doesn't matter as much
    -Practice.... best piece of advice I can give.
  9. Do exactly the oppostire of this :D
    Sorry Spades, I had the same problem and the only cure was more cowbell, ahem, I mean a looser grip and a softer flick.
  10. Also you may wanna try with just the thumb and middle finger contacting the deck and doing the flip. This should help keep the deck together to at least understand the motions to keep the deck nice and square during the move. With all the other fingers contacting the deck kind of drag that bottom card that keeps popping out with excess contact to make the flip happen.

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