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  1. Hi guys!

    Recently I got a brick of different cards from theory11. It's been almost two weeks since I got the shipment but I still haven't opened more than two.
    What do you guys do? Do you have say five or eight decks open that you take turns using, or, do you wear out one deck at a time before opening a new one? Every magician on here probably has an individual answer, but I was curious.

  2. I don't really get to purchase lots and lots of new playing cards. I won a brick of cards from a SNC and I've been using those ever since. I usually open them when I need to, when the decks wear themselves out and I need to replace one.
  3. I rotate, largely because I'm frequently too lazy to go find the deck I was already working with. I also like to do this because it lets me work with decks in various conditions at random. I have all of my purely collection decks separated away, but any other deck is fair game.

    I do usually try to wear a particular design out before opening a new deck of that design, though.
  4. I very rarely buy playing cards online. I have purchased though a couple decks of cards from theory 11 which I cherish. Which in that case, I very rarely use them unless I am performing flourishes or something. But I usually have some older deck that I wouldn't care as much to drop a card or the whole deck on the floor. So I don't really go through decks all that much but I like buying at least a new deck of cards once every two weeks.And these cards are sometimes theory 11 decks or just plain bicycle cards.
  5. I tend to open one or two decks at a time and use them until they are dead before opening a new deck. Of course then again I can also burn through a fresh deck in less than two weeks depending on how many shows I'm doing so you have that also. I can burn through them faster if I'm doing card warps, TNR's, Signed Cards, etc.
  6. I just open one deck and after that deck can't be used I open another one.
  7. I blow through a dozen or more decks in a week. Between performing full time, practice and gaffs.
  8. I have 15 or 20 various custom/other decks I just grab and use for a little depending on how I feel. For performance I just have a small stack of bicycles, 1 red and 1 blue open that I will open new ones when they die, usually after a month or two.
  9. I have just under 500 decks of cards in my collection. I have at least one of every design and color in my collection open. The way that I see it is that decks are meant to be enjoyed. In a collection, completely unused, they mean nothing. They may be worth more unopened, but I don't collect for profit. I collect for enjoyment. Some decks I have multiples of, and I frequently leave these unopened until I wear out the first deck of that style, but otherwise even my rarest and most expensive decks are open. This allows me to see the design, feel the handling, and appreciate the deck for what it is.

    Just my two cents. I say open and enjoy.

    // L
  10. I do like Lyle I have about 140 decks in my collection I open one of each (i usally buy 2 of the decks i purchase) and I use one of them and if I like it I open the other one when the first one is used up.
    I blow through 5-10decks a month, so I switch around a lot.
    I also love to open new decks and see the design.

    Thanks - Markus/JokerZingo
  11. I always buy 2 bricks of red Bicycles and 1 brick of Monarchs.
    I have one of these opened and use them and when they are getting old and "clumpy" I just open a
    fresh deck...
  12. I should add not only do i blow through a brick a week from working gaffs and practice, I also have a large collection of Jokers and vintage decks. The gem of my collection is a set of Bulldog Squeezers from the 1880's. I have some WWII decks and a deck of Ace of Spades from the Vietnam War where the USPCC sent decks of the Ace of Spades to our troops.
  13. I think I have about 1,000 decks in my collection... DON't JUDGE ME!

    Anyway, I do occasionally buy bricks of cards, but only ones I intend to use for performance. I'll burn through a deck usually after 2 performances with it. I'm very picky when it comes to deck condition when I perform live, so having a fresh deck for me is always a must when being paid.

    I rotate through a couple decks when it comes to practicing, however, there is always that one deck that just seems to last forever. Anyone know what I'm talking about? For example, I used to have a deck of Tally-Hos that I used for a couple performances, then became a practice deck. It's been through hours and hours of practice, and they still fan great and handle well. I just can't explain it. I currently had this happen to me again with a deck of Fulton's Clip Joint. It's been out at bars, on wet tables, crimped, and bent, but still sit flat, without bowing, and still still fan well. Oh and no card clip used either!
  14. I have trouble with my ace fulton deck (it's the ace fulton brown version), it started to clump very easily and hard to fan good after just 2 hours o_O

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