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    Before I start my review I would like to say that being in the magic and mentalism industry for nearly 5 years now, this has to be one if my best purchases yet.

    ?45 pounds

    What do you get
    You get a VERY nicely designed book that is made with good quality

    The quality of the book is VERY GOOD the paper is not the normal type of book paper as it seems more glossy and more durable

    The material is some of the most creative and simple I have seen and this is why I love it.
    I think there are around 38 tricks in the book and I will be doing many of these.
    I will not talk about all the effects but I will talk about my highlights

    Broken wings: wow this is amazing, it is so simple yet so clever and with imagination you can create many amazing mentalism effects that can fry your audience if you obviously present them well. Also the gimmick is really easy to make and conveniently I had all the things I needed in my home but if u don't you can easily get them from your supermarket.

    Cronos: this is a brilliant prediction with a psychokinetic theme. I love it. The materials to make this are very easy to find and they are very cheap. There is also an impromptu version which I love aswell. Basically this effect is absolutely awesome and it is so impeccably strong

    Legion: this is a very clever gimmick that you can make with ease and you can create Many effects that ere really powerful. This is really powerful as I have already tried it out on my friends and family and I got great reactions

    Cast: this is also absolutely amazing a very nice book test gimmick that can fit in your pocket or wallet and it is so cool. I again absolutely love it as it is so clean but so deceptive.

    Those were the things in gimmicks and devices that stood out to me. Now to the effects in 'mentalism effects'

    Loki: this is a simple but powerful routine where you have three poker chips, they are mixed up out of your sight, then the spectator puts them in different pockets and then you can locate them. With good presentation skills, this FRIES people. Also the great thing is that it is impromptu do you don't have to use poker chips, you can use coins which makes it even more practical than it already is

    Syn: i don't normally do coin bends but when I saw this I was like ' I need to use it' , so I did and again I got very good reactions. What happens is that you take two coins and you explain that they are going to bend in synchronicity so you put one coin in there hands and you put one coin at your fingertips then as the coin at your fingertip starts to bend they feel the coin in their hand bend and then they open their hand to reveal that their coin is actually bent

    Mirror: this is extremely clever and it is a very very nice effect. This is where you can observe a spectator and have a prediction deck and a deck that they shuffle. To keep it short we only use half the deck so they shuffle half the deck AND THEY PUT IT BACK ON TOP OF THE OTHER HALF ( the reason I put that in caps is because I thought that you put it back on top and do something dodgy when you put it on the top, but you don't). Then you both deal down with the prediction deck and the deck that they shuffled and you actually predicted their shuffle as they are both in the same order.i am really excited to use this

    Dichotomy deck: this is an OOTW effect and this has replaced my previous OOTW because I really like this one. You do this on a spectators hand so you don't actually need a table, which is a very cool bonus! It is VERY easy to construct as pretty much all magicians and mentalists will have the stuff to make this deck

    Sevens: this is a very clean effect where a spectator tosses an envelope ,with a different backed card inside, into the deck and where they threw it matches exactly to the prediction. This is basically impromptu and very powerful as they toss it in wherever they like, I have used this and it has got amazing reactions.

    Ashes: this is a simple effect. Spectator names a suit and holds a lighter above envelope, envelope is opened and the four aces are taken out of it with one of then burned and it is the freely named suit. I'm sorry to keep repeating myself but this is so clever and it can be done many different ways if lighters aren't your style and also this can be presented in many different ways. I absolutely adore this.

    Scar:you heal a scar on your hand. This is one if those effects that you can do in off beat momets when people ask you 'to do something' as this can be done Ina moments notice and it has a captivating story line and you can make this a very strong piece of mentalism with the right presentation and people can even remember you by it.

    Epoch: this is simple but effective. You can know a date of a coin which is within your closed fists. This is soooo simple but really effective. I love this because I have tried it and it works a charm also it is impromptu !!!!

    Vanity: although this will not work on me as my hand flesh is too thick to see the veins on the back of my hand, this is insanely powerful and can be a reputation maker with good presentation

    Falling coins: this is a brilliant concept which can show off you power of influencing things .

    Insanewave: any esp symbol is called and there are 5 different back coloured cards in the deck and it is the named symbol cards. At first when reading the manuscript I thought it was going to be dodgy the way the different coloured cards were going to be turned over but it is not as the different cards ARE ACTUALLY THE NAMED ESP SYMBOL, ther is no sleight of hand when turning them over , even the spectator can turn them over and examine them.

    Conclusion: there are many other effects I wanted to talk about but I couldn't as I was afraid that this was going to be too long ( I think it already is). In short just but this book it is one of the best purchases I have ever made an the material is incredible. Thanks for reading!!!
  2. Hey! Thanks for your kind review! I'm glad you enjoyed the book! :D

    I'm actually running an offer of 30% off until Sunday, so you can get Deep Shadows as a book or download, or any of my other products quite a bit cheaper!

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    Have a Killer day!


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