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  1. I haven't been into cardistry for long but this is a question I've been meaning to ask. What defines style and how do you develop it? Is it the types of moves you do, the way you do them, the speed at which you do them, etc. I would like to hear other's thoughts. Thanks!
  2. What defines a style? A style is a style, not much more I can say. It's evident if you watch different cardists' videos.


    Check the video out below. It has a lot of cardist and each one you can see a different distinct style. If you're new to cardistry, I wouldn't worry about style too much, it'll most likely just come to you as you're learning and growing as a cardist.

    I know my response was kind of vague, but I hope it helped.
  3. Don't concentrate too much on style, it will come by it's own. For now, just try to perfect your moves, or learn new ones, and as time passes, you will see that you have a "way" of doing your flourishes.
    It's something that you simply get, and when you become concious of it you can improve it.

  4. Style is everything. Style ranges from the moves you do to the clothes you wear.

    Everything is in the details.

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