Destiny - Sandwich routine

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  2. crazy handling, the presentation is smooth. Some crazy sleights there too :p but the only problem is that theres too many phases. A spectator would get bored of it pretty quickly.
  3. The sleights are fine but the routine is way too long, I had difficulty watching the whole way through, music didn't help either, why not try actually presenting it? I don't think spectators will find it very enjoyable, it's far too self indulgent. Magic should be for spectators not for magicians.

    I'd recommend cutting it down to 3 phases at most and carefully think about the purpose of each one. There's no real progression or structre, it's just the same thing again and again, spectators don't care that you're using a different method each time. It appears the same to them.
  4. =\
    THAT I really agree with you.....
    Sorry for not making you excited at all =(
    I guess~ If I perform this routine, I should cut out the second and the third phrase in order to keep it short =D

    Thanks for you suggestions ^^''''''''''''''''
  5. i like the way you hold your cards very light touch... but yes i think it was a bit too long for the same thing to happen but still very nice i liked it.
  6. Nice video (although I dont understand what you are saying at all, except "STOP" XDDD)
    I like your handling on those jokers =]
  7. Thanks for your comments =]
    I am really appreciated ~
  8. Thank you for this....i know,i'm from italy...that's why i speak italien.Well later i'll make an english version.cheers man
  9. (this not related to the video, but still wanna mention in here) I tried to take Italian 101 in my last last semester at school~ HOWEVER, it's so hard to me lol as a result, I dropped XDDDD

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