Did Anyone Notice This About Smoke And Mirrors Design?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by JetEyeNight, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Man I must've missed the meeting again.

    Caps = shouting? Typing = talking? The hell?
  2. Can Dan & Dave Buck themselves PLEASE step in and clear everything up for us? Because JetEyeKnight seems to reject everything other than the fact that the double D's are mirrors. (Which I seriously doubt...)
  3. Maybe they have a ressemblance, but that may not be intentional.
  4. I agree goodtechs. I can see why you'd think that Jet, but I'm not entirely convinced.
  5. Even if the Ds don't look like mirrors to you, they still are mirrored representing mirrors. Without the Ds there would be nothing mirrored taking away the "mirrors" in "smoke and mirrors". I think the mirrored Ds standing for "Dan and Dave" goes perfectly with the theme of this deck.

    I'm just curious what were you expecting a deck produced by Dan and Dave called Smoke and Mirrors would look like?

    I think this deck is awesome. The Ds being mirrored are awesome. The Ds can be explained having a resemblance to actual mirrors, that is intelligent.

    My real name starts with a D, so this deck is personalized for me.
  6. Except every single thing in the entire deck.
  7. There is never one meaning to anything.

  8. It's entirely possible they inteded them to look like mirrors, though I believe it to be highly unlikely.

    Oh and those of you saying that "Caps = shouting" doesn't make any sense, you need to visit the internet more often. Everyone knows that excessive use of capital letters = shouting.
  9. That's assertion - you can't say for sure, it's what you think:

    ..As you mentioned there. Jet I can completely see why you think so, I just think it's possible but not obviously correct - coincidences happen. What did I expect? That's not really important - I wouldn't be surprised if they did hide something in the design but I wouldn't expect them to either. The Ds can be explained as such as a theory, but because it's a nice intelligent explanation that fits, doesn't make it truth. Sometimes people read too much into it. All that literature that we study at school, I met one of the composers once, and he laughed and said that teachers just read too much into it - none of the "symbols" were intentional at all.
  10. Ok guys... great discussion.

    Now that Smoke and Mirrors First Editions are sold out, which I am really suprized by, I don't think any further discussion is neccessary on first editions.
  11. yet you continue it in other threads :p
  12. No Trashmanf, that was my last post, check the times.
  13. Personally, I won't believe the Ds are Mirrors until Dan and/or Dave themselves confirm it.
  14. No they are mirrors. First you need to look at the slope of integration on the D's. They are quite wide and typed in serif font. Maybe not like Times New Roman more like Tahoma font. So if you look at both of those items you can see the matching D on the other side of the card turned 180 degrees. And by checking Einstein's theory of mirrors it states that any copy of an object place a distance away and turn 180 degrees is automatically a mirror of itself if it falls into the periodical table of letters that can be mirrors of itself.
  15. And if that was just coincidence because they wanted symmetry?


    Dude, I respect your opinion and I can see why you think that, but you have no proof to say definitively that the design means anything at all, it's just opinions - they aren't anything - you think they're something.

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