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    Hi ,

    i'm practicing the DMB spred control and have 1 problem.
    when I do the actual control my spread closes.
    Can anyone help me?


    if this is exposure please edit
  2. Hmm... this also happens to me occasionally. I have trouble with this too.

    Try clipping tighter with your pinky+fourth finger. Not sure if that will help much, again, I need help with it too... :)

    Anyone else have some contributions?


  3. Exposure. ...
  4. Be sure to clip the spread with the pinky and ring finger.
  5. Edited.

  6. i had this problem to. but everybody has this problem at first, just like any other sleight practice until your hand knows the motions, and don't rush go at a snails pace while you are practicing and you will gradually speed up.
  7. Listen to what he said and just keep practicing.
  8. took me 2 months to perfect it, so just keep practicing.

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