Does YouTube drive you crazy?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dylan P., Apr 22, 2008.


Does Revealing Tricks On Youtube And Other Sites Drive You Crazy?

  1. God, Yes!!!

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  2. Yeah

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  3. Never noticed anything like this

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  4. nah

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  5. No.Your Crazy. Let youtube do it.

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  1. Perhaps technology is to blame, then.

    It's to my understanding that in the "old days" the only way to learn an effect was to be taught by a mentor or something similar to that. To me, I'd prefer that over a DVD anyway. It gives magic that "secret" feeling that I feel seems to be gone lately - everything is too open!
  2. I think its sad becaus there are alot of great effects that have become over exposed and gets more and more exposure all the time. Most E material are all over the web.

    But i dont think thats a problem for the people who are really serious about their magic. Maybe we will have to "rethink" (i dont know if thats a workd but i hope you get what i mean) what magic is. Maybe put our cards and coins down for a while and come up with new concepts. I have started to read alot of old magic books and i find that the material in there are way better then most "new cool effects"
  3. this only affects us I think... The pros happen to have tricks they keep to themselves, that nobody else knows, I think. We are all using the same effects that are marketed for us. We would be better off making our own tricks, and progressing our styles. Not saying that the revealing of tricks is bad, but I think that the pros aren't really affected by this because they have really good illusions, and we have their old magic tricks. This is the reason I read the books, and why I create my own tricks and style, so nobody goes and figures out my favorite crowd pleasers.
  4. I love looking at these old threads, to see how or if opinions have changed.

    Btw the moderators used to be less strict back then! Happy that ended.
  5. No thread bumping, please. This thread has been closed for nearly a decade. Feel free to create a new thread on the subject if you like. :)

    Thread closed.

    // L
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