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  1. Anyone else catch the first two episodes of this??
    What is your opinion on this show?
  2. sadly wasn't feeling it it had a corny feel to it i was like damn. I have been a long time fan of him but it just didn't do it for me something about the whole format and stuff to. what do you think?
  3. Completely agree with you. It was really disappointing. Really thought it was going to be a lot better then it was. I was cool with the idea of the show because it added something new besides just someone walking around doing tricks for people, but the execution of it in my own opinion was just awful.
  4. I've posted here already on this show, you might want to look up the thread. . . at least I think I started the same thread here (I'm old, I don't remember stuff)

    Anywho... Andrew followed suit with all the other TV heads and did a "show" rife with stooges and impractical set-ups such as making a phone booth appear from nowhere and then float in the air with someone that was supposed locked inside of it. . . making a guy's motorcycle vanish without getting punched out and several other ignorant bits of business.

    I was sorely disappointed with 95% of both episodes. They were poorly written, poorly staged and worse of all they were NOT a magic show. . . and please don't come back with the lame excuse that this was a "Prank" show. . . no, if that were the case we'd see the cast of Jackass on the screen, no Andrew.
  5. I agree with you all, however I think the media needed something like this out there, how many times have we wished that Criss Angel wasn't modern youth's first idea of a "magician," Andrew show, although staged does show new audiences something new, maybe it's all for the better.
  6. I was looking for a thread but could not find one lol so Ill check again! but yes I agree with everyone here. Although i dislike Criss Angels show, I would say putting myself in a lay persons shoes, That Criss Angels show is still more entertaining to watch. Mainly because it is scripted and acted a lot better. This is by no means saying either of them are good.
  7. If you want to not waste your time stick with the Blaine specials, at least David's ego is in check and what you see him do usually never involves a stooge.
  8. I really was left wanting with the show. It was clear he was using stooges and worst still the actors didn't react in a way we all would if a random guy took our I.D. and put it behind glass. As for the main tricks from the two shows...It was a hard sell even before I saw it. Afterwards however I felt like there was an hour of my life I was never getting back...
  9. The problem is we are looking at this as a magic show when really it is an old school hidden camera show.
  10. Even Looking at it as a hidden camera show, hidden camera shows to my knowledge dont use stooges. Correct me if Im wrong please.
  11. Some of them do. They have since the 80's. Sometimes you have to "prime the pump". But yeah going back to things like Candid Camera they would use a stooge from time to time.
  12. I just learned something today lol! good stuff!

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