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  1. is this legit? like angle proof and as easy as it says it is. also i would love to do this, but i dont want to have 3 or 4 layers of clothing on because of the weather where i live it never gets very cold.
  2. Of course it is legit. I've been doing Dresscode a bit recently and it gets AMAZING reactions. It is angle proof if you are against a wall, or doing a quick change routine on stage. You won't have 3-4 layers of clothing on. If you have a gig and are wearing a suit jacket, it won't get hot even if it doesn't get very cold. It is very comfortable and a lot of thought was put into this making sure it was the best fit (pun intended) for the job.
  3. So... Is a Jacket or a coat And the spin required? Just wondering.
  4. You need a dress shirt, jacket, or suit jacket to wear and conceal the gimmick.If you don't want people seeing how this works, then yes you have to turn your back to the audience. The result is definitely worth it.
  5. haha i knew it was legit, cuz u guys are selling it.
  6. ok i know this might be a weird question, but i'm a female and just wanted to make sure the gimmick and everything will work for me before i buy it. lol

  7. Everything will work. We supply you with most of the gimmicks needed to construct your gimmick. You are making your own gimmick and Calen goes over how to make it perfectly. :)
  8. cool thanks for the help casey
  9. I have a couple questions as well. In the trailer for Dresscode Calen takes off the dress shirt afterwards. Let's say you normally carry around a messenger bag when you go out. Could you just stick the dress shirt in the bag and continue on with the "changed" shirt? Can the dress shirt and the "changed" shirt be examined by audience members?

    Also, can you walk around with the original shirt without the dress shirt? Could you just walk around all day with the gimmick on and perform this trick whenever you feel like it?

    If so, I am definitely buying this.

  10. If you want people fondling you in the middle of your performance, sure they can feel/touch the "changed" shirt. Keeping in mind you're now wearing only a shirt and it wouldn't be reasonable to strip half naked in front of your audience anyway. They can inspect the jacket as that is now off of you and you can hand it out/ put it in a bag and continue with the rest of your day with your changed shirt.

    no, you can't walk around with the original shirt, as Casey said, it's concealing the gimmick.
  11. question... now, while you have to turn so as to not expose the effect... Could this say be done without any turning and still look beautiful? Like as a bus passes in front of you. a revolving door. smoke. Phone booth. etc... Scenario. spectator is across the street, expecting nothing. I'm at the bus stop wearing my shirt... hopefully. a bus stops. leaves. shirt changed. No turning. No visual movement.
  12. heck yeah it could, watch the preview again, Calen does it with a person walking by. You could for sure do it with a bus, anything smaller and your timing will have to be just right and you need to be comfortable with it.
  13. i did see that. just wanted to be sure! I'll be buying...
  14. So your 'changed' shirt is your actual shirt?

    Hopefully the gimmick doesn't require the destruction of your shirt.

  15. Is this limited to T-Shirts? Can I use a button up dress shirt?
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    will this trick damage or destruct any of the shirts? and can i use button shirts? and if i have the gimmick on me, and decided not to do the trick for the entire day, will it be uncomfortable and inconvenient? and how many layers of clothes are needed to wear inside the jacket before the trick starts?
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    Hahaha all the questions about this effect...

    Guys, obviously, you need the jacket... Just look at the vid, and you can see that every clip, he's wearing the jacket.

    And also, I find it pretty obvious that you will need to "damage" your shirt. I have no idea how someone would do this with sleight-of-hand, and if anyone does know, please do tell... :)

    I think most people here who are asking questions have bought the DVD, but haven't gotten it yet... Just be patient and let it come...


    EDIT: And guys, come on! This looks like a great effect. It's both close-up and STAGE (I love this). Casey has even given his opinion on it, and I think we can trust his opinion. And the best of all, it's only 25 dollars, which I think is a DAMN (pardon my language) GOOD DEAL! So just buy it... And of course, if it's just an overhyped thing, we can all boycott T11 until they refund us...

    EDIT 2: That last part was a joke, if anyone didn't understand.
  18. I didn't see anyone here asked if they need to wear a jacket, and why laugh about those questions? Obviously they have concerns and doubts about this product, and wouldn't it be stupid to just buy products with concerns and questions? Gladly not everyone here are stupid.
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    Yo whats up guys,

    So first off, Rneogy, is correct you do damage the shirt you start in when you make the gimmick but whatever shirt you decide to change into is completely normal. And yes you can use dress shirts for this effect. Here is a video of the change using dress shirts.


  20. I think you might have forgotten a link? I would love to see the change with dress shirts though.

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