Electric Touch or Tarantula

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by A\\//F, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. I had been saving up money for electric touch when tarantula was released. I am stuck between which one to get. Should I just get tarantula or should I keep saving for electric touch? I have read great reviews for them both. I just want to know which one is better.
  2. There is no better or worse, it is purely preference. Do you want to shock people, or make rings float? There's your answer. ;)
  3. My favorite is tarantula, because it amazes people more than just shocking them or whatever you wanna do with electric touch.
    I think you can do more things with Tarantule, and the effect just looks better:D
  4. Tarantula.
  5. Tarantula fo' shizzle.
  6. I actually think you should get electric touch because you can combine it with so many other effects:)!
  7. dont ever by electric touch its awesome effect but i got it and with in a week it broke i have yet found a place to return it to get my money or a new one yet.
  8. Since you wanted the Electric touch so badly, and have actually saved up for it, get it!

    Obviously you think it could help you, since you went to the great lengths of putting a payment plan toward it! The reason you may want tarantula is probably the hype of it... yes it may look amazing, but if you don't think you want the gimmick, try to look beyond the awesome performance video, and look for your personal use!
  9. For me Tarantula was a bad purchase. It is extremly delicate and over priced. The device requires the use of your finger and I have big hands and the device didn't fit. So the gimmick broke within a couple of hours of playing with it. You can do certain things to help stretch it but it didn't help me. It is a mechanical device with very delicate parts. With this device they should state that little girly hands are required. But then again, I can break a magnet! I was so disappointed in it that I don't even want a refund. Live and learn. I was really looking for some sort of an I.T. device to help change up with my card magic. People love levitation effects! Oh well, guess I'll keep looking.

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