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  1. Most often in (non-flourish based) magic routines, flourish cuts are used as a bit of a joke - "all it takes to find your card is a simple cut", and off you go with whatever your favourite flourish cut is. This usually provokes some laughs from your audience and is often best concluded by NOT finding the card - all that effort for nothing! Guess I should have used magic *colour change*

    In this kind of context, this or any other flourish cut would be perfectly useable in most card magic routines. I think the Elevator cut has a certain degree of elegance that makes it very attractive.

  2. Flourishes like these are used to gather credibility and make you know like you know what you're doing when your performing. They can also be used for comedy. Davd Stone said something along the lines of "I'll lose your card into the deck. No magic moves or anything like that." Anyway, I love how this cut looks.
  3. I thought that ar first, but syntactically, it doesn't make any sense. Eric even says in the video the word "stock." Also, you mean to say "supposed," rather than "supose."
  4. The word "stock" refers to a small packet. The word "stack" refers to a prearranged set of cards (such as the four aces on top / bottom of the deck). So, by controlling the top "stock" you are controlling the top 15-20 cards (just an approximation), regardless of whether or not the deck is stacked. So by saying that the top and bottom stocks stay in the same place, it means that anything stacked in those portions of the deck also stay where they are... :p

    AAANYWAAAYS... It doesn't really matter whether or not the wording is stack or stock. Although stock would probably be more appropriate as we don't know if the deck IS stacked. :D
  5. haha if it retains the top and the bottom stock that is a total false cut...and you should check out how Eric uses it in his routines, the fact that it's kinda flashy goes with his presentation.
  6. Fixed - to avoid further confusion. ;)
  7. Looks clean.

    I have to say though, it's very similar to a flourish of Spencer Clark's.

    Still both nice.

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