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  1. As is usual, our 1-on-1 section was updated tonight with the second theory11 release from magician Eric Jones - the Elevator Cut.

    A flourishy, two-handed cut that retains both the top and bottom stack of the deck. A concept that can be built on and modified to suit your own style and cardistry technique.

    The complete sequence is taught along with each individual move within - including the Thumb Cut and more.

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  2. That's cool-looking. Too bad I'm not a flourisher, or else I'd buy this!
  3. Nice!

    props out To Eric! :)

  4. It looks alright, not too shabby, kinda neat.
  5. This is alright, honestly I think a cut like this should just be taught for free, considering cuts in my opinion that are better than this are taught for free. (Production value is good with tuts nowadays too)

    Plus a flourish 1on1 without Andrei? say whaaaaaaat?
  6. looks ok, nothing too fancy
    not worth the money in my opinion
  7. I like it! looks very nice.
  8. It looks pretty neat. I'm not a flourishy person, so I won't be picking it up, but I'm sure there will be some people who love it. :)
  9. Very nice! I've always liked the butterfly cut.. very pretty. I may have to get this one.
  10. Very cool. I like the overall appearance of it. Especially the "elevator" part. Might pick this up.
  11. Guys...this isn't meant to be an XCM kinda cut... It's made for use in the real world, and being a bit flourishy to give you credibility, while also serving a purpose to many magic routines.

  12. Its a good cut, but for 5 bucks. Get out!

  13. Just noticed a little typo--on the description it says "stack" instead of "stock."
  14. I don't get it- what's with all that editing? Why can't you guys just show the cut properly in one shot without all those angle changing and flashy stuff?

    I mean, I love T11's editing but sometimes you guys go overboard with it.
  15. I think its supose to be stack. Like a 'stacked' deck.

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    I personally don´t like it, people always suspect something when they see flourishes for shuffle, I think if It were a total false cut I´ll buy it, but only the top and bottom, we´ll it really not worth it, but that´s just me
  17. Trick of the eye

    This is an interesting concept, but in my opinion, it looks much better backwards. I'll have to try that.
  18. Probably to help prevent people from figuring out the cut from just watching the video. :)
  19. What does it look like?
  20. Indeed, people in youtube can slow down the media player so to figure out how to to it in a silmilar way.or the exactly the way.

    in my opinion,someone above says it can be used in the real world.But people got suspicious when u did that flourish(cut).A simple undercut or something like cherrry control,cascade,DMD,pass ,etc will get the same effect without questioning.

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