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  1. Although I can't view the vid right now, I love Mathieu Bich's work, he is, in my opinion, taking a lot more risks than the majority of current creators.

    I'm sure this will be great!

  2. Not long at all. Here's some Q & A on eXile from a forum thread last night by Ben Long.

    What's the impromptu-ness factor? We talking minor setup a la angle zero, or full blown TNR gimmick goodness? Or is this something I could do with just a marker and a quarter and no clothes while stranded on an island with cannibals to persuade them not to eat me?

    Everything you need is either included or around the house. The initial setup will take less than 10 minutes - very very easy - and once you setup once, you are all set for months. If you don't have a quarter (international), this can of course be done with any coin in any currency.

    Can the principle be applied to other effects?

    Absolutely - you are not limited to X's. Any effect with a simple shape, number, letter, whatever could potentially be derived.

    Is it tres tres difficile?

    Not at all - extremely simple and direct to perform.

    What the reset (in other words, could I do it strolling)?

    Yes - this effect is perfect for strolling. No reset. You could go up to another spectator immediately afterwards and do it again.

    Is there anything extra that comes with the DVD (gimmick, refills, etc.)?

    Yep - everything you need comes with it with the exception of some common household items.

    How are the angles (are there any)?

    Angles are a non-issue; this can be done surrounded (as it was by David Blaine at the beginning of the special).

    I suppose that's all for now. I already ordered it, but I still am curious.

    Thanks, and this looks sick.

    I agree. Ha - this one is a shocker, and it's a winner. An effect that is practical, fun to perform, simple to learn, and as simple and visual as magic gets.
  3. Very very cool idea.

    JB, just clarifying here, is this method similar to the Magic Doodle pen? I am still completely stumped on the ending.
  4. Yeah I saw that doodle pen thing and it sounds similar.
  5. Can you make this a card revelation(sp?)? For example write out all the suits and numbers and make their chosen card appear under the quarter, or all suits and numbers except the chosen card.
  6. You would have to write 17 number/suits on their hand and make them vanish one by one. That may take a while, but if the method is what i think it is, you can do that.

    Hope that kinda helps
  7. Where will we be able to find this effect, or is it out? I had never heard or seen anything like this until the special and it blew my mind. I'm pretty much just a card man, but this makes me want to expand.

  8. you mean this: http://www.theory11.com/tricks/exile.php its going to be out in october but you can preorder it now.

    I think that's what you mean

    Hope that helps
  9. http://www.theory11.com/tricks/exile.php
  10. Love the trick but here's one of my concerns.. Let say you get one of them people who get to excited and jump and pull there hand away once you make onw of the X's disappear ... Is your effect ruined?? Also did this ever happen when you traveled with DAVID?
  11. This looks awesome... Like, really, super awesome.


    My friends, after seeing the special, have been asking me all week; "I have a quarter! And a pen! Draw the xs and do that thing that he did!!!"

    I had to make up a method which is quite inferior to the actual one. I can't wait.
  12. Will the trick still be sold after the Presale? Will it be sold for an increased price? If so, how much?
  13. This trick looks great
  14. What exactly is the benefit of me preordering Exile and not just waiting till October 10th?
  15. I couldn't say specifically, but imo it just needs a bit of audience selection and control... Tell them not to, pick one that's not overly excitable and fidgety, and if you really think they will, hold their wrist for the first disappearance.
  16. This. Looks. Awesome.

    It's clean, direct, easy to follow and is simply mindblowing. perfect in conjunction with Flickr...

    i am definately buying this.
  17. This trick looks really cool!
  18. I just finished watching David Blaine's special again at a friend's house, and eXile looks even better after watching him perform it again. It simply looks like pure magic, not to mention the fact that the spectator can inspect the X's to make sure they have indeed dried, only to have them vanish.

    Just amazing -- I'm definitely going to pick this up, when it releases.

  19. I don't think anyone will want to buy it once they see what it looks like...

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  20. Just to be clear, the "Magic Doodle" pen is not eXile, not what was used in the special, and shouldn't be advertised as such. Mathieu Bich worked directly alongside the DB crew in conception, creation, and execution of the exact effect used in the special, and eXile is it. eXile includes all of the critical components (with the exception of a few household objects; ie, a quarter) you'll need to perform this with ease.

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