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  1. Really good effect.

    However, I myself am disappointed with the second phase of the routine.

    It doesn't quite cut it for me.

    but heck, I can't think of such a simple method myself! props to you geraint clarke, and I love your british accent.
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    @ icannotmakeapassword

    Thank you very much,

    If you aren't happy with the second phase simply don't do it. I used to just reveal two songs the same way before and It was still a powerful effect.

    I have more phases which I felt un-necessary to clutter the download with first time... but everyone is different and how I like to perform it isn't always the most comfortable way for other magicians.

    I'm re-doing the download and adding an android method and some other phases, or alternative climaxes to the effect.

    I'll keep you posted on this thread.


  3. Hey guys and girls,

    I re-shot the preview and explanation for Fate.

    Better quality of video = better learning experience.

    A few people have asked for an android addition to the new download but I didn't want to put it in. The method isn't as clean as it is on the iPhone, so to me it's pointless to put an inferior Android method in just for the sake of it. I'd be letting you guys down if anything.

    ... Yeah ... back on point. If you've had a new iPhone or iPod touch for Christmas. Or a lot of your friends have, then pick the download up and learn some new school mentalism. Treat yourself. < and you'll technically be treating me too, but that's okay :) >

    Any questions on it, feel free to ask.

    Laters -
  4. Hi, I've just one question about Fate... Do I need to own an Iphone, Ipod or whatever from Apple ? I have no idea how that works, and that could be a fool question for you, but... I would know that before buying it !
  5. He discusses this on page 1 and 2 of this thread.

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