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  1. Evening ladies and gents,

    Theory11 have been kind enough to accept my new effect to the wire.

    Check it out at this link : http://www.theory11.com/wire/geraint-clarke/fate/

    It's a mentalism effect using a borrowed iphone/ipod touch.

    I suppose i'm just opening up this thread to start a discussion about it, and to support any questions from those who are about to buy it, or those who have already bought it.

    I'm all ears (aka ask me anything)

  2. It says entirely impromptu, as in you borrow a phone or ipod, but do you need to carry a little something on you to perform it with said borrowed item?
  3. No you don't, you could perform it naked if you wanted. Nothing on you. It's entirely impromptu. But i'd never lend a naked man my iphone for a 'trick'. So i'd suggest just take yourself, and be adequately clothed and that's all you need.

    It really is as organic and impromptu as displayed.
  4. Looks great! Just a few quick questions if you don't mind.
    How much does and when does the performer touch the spectators Ipod/Iphone?
    When the song is revealed who is holding onto the phone at that time?
    Can you explain this quote in more detail? "Then if things weren't impressive enough you ask the spectator to think of an Artist and song title. You can then reveal what song they're thinking of. Instantly!"

    Thank you for your time

    Adam Rose
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    The performer probably touches the iphone/ipod touch for about 10 seconds at the start, but the spectator can see that you are cycling through the songs list on their music library.....giving your patter. All is explained and shown on the download. As well as a studio and street performance to show how it works in performance.

    When the song is revealed the spectator/owner of the device is holding it. They hold it throughout the routine. They are the one to touch the phone and skip through the shuffle menu to reveal the randomly generated song.

    I can't really explain it in more detail to be honest. Basically it's a second phase to the routine. After revealing the first randomly generated song on their ipod, in their hand. You just get them to select a song (that exists in their music library)... and you know what it is. No peeks, no stooges, no whatever. The iphone/ipod can be placed in their pocket.
    So whatever way you want to reveal it you can. I pretend to read their mind when I perform it, because I don't like to carry thumb writers and such to make written predictions.

    The trailer shows an edited performance, mainly because the actual performance was too long for a trailer, but it really is that simple, they select a song, the phone goes in their pocket. They think of the band, you reveal it, they think of the song, and you reveal it.

    I'm keen not to bamboozle you with sales talk, Adam.. However, if I go into anymore detail than I have above, I might aswell just tell you the method.

    Anymore questions i'll be happy to answer.

  6. Gotcha, your hand was in your pocket a lot so I just thought that had something to with it haha. Definitely picking this up!
  7. Dang what a great effect. Can you do it with any Ipod, Shuffle, or Nano for example? Does it work with other MP3 players or smart phones? This looks awesome dude!

    What kind of situations do you do this in? Would it work on a platform or for walk around?
  8. I'm guessing not the shuffle since you can't see the name of the song, you know? I think you have to see the song title to get the full impact. But I hope a nano would work.
  9. The method is designed to work perfectly on an iPod Touch and iPhone. With that said the new iPod nano's have touch screens now, so it may work on those, although i've never tried it.

    As for other smartphones and mp3 players.... again the answer is i've never tried. Mainly because iPhones and iPods are so abundant, i've never been in a situation where nobody at a paid performance has one.... and if its social, I use my own iPhone if nobody has one.

    I perform walk-around close up magic professionally, and in social settings ( in University, or at parties ). It would work on a platform if you'd asked a spectator to come on stage with you, and revealed both phases as an example of mind reading, but I've never done stage magic.

    It is perfect for walk-around/table hopping magic. It's very organic, they can all gather round the display and the owner of the device and be involved in it. I've used it a few times when meeting people to discuss them booking me for a paid performance to show them how diverse my magic can be.
    When performing for a table, someone is sure to pull their phone out, send a text, put it on silent, excuse themself for a call etc. So putting your cards down for a change and showing them something with their device, in their hand, with no apps, playlists or set-up is truly astonishing.

    Hope that helped.

    Ps Jacob L is correct. You won't be able to use a shuffle.
  10. Thank you very much for the answer I really appreciate it! Sounds and looks like a killer effect. I definitely will be picking this up (right now). I'll give you a review on it as well once I've gone out and done it a couple times. Thanks again!

    Adam Rose
  11. Thanks Adam, hope you enjoy it.

    If you could post a review on this thread i'd very much appreciate it.
  12. I have a general question. A lot a magician said somehting like: this trick is organic, what do you mean by that? Oh, and if I've never done any mentalism magic, about how much time will it take to "perform" it?
  13. Organic meaning pure and un-jaded. I say organic because you don't need anything on you
    To perform it. It literally is as easy as borrowing a strangers device and performing a miracle.

    And it takes about a minute to perform as a trick, but as mind reading routine I think mine takes about 2 mins.
    Including audience interaction. But if you wanted to have no patter and do the basic effect. I'd say it takes about 20 seconds.
  14. The effect looks awesome, and if you could somehow test it on some other devices we would be extremely grateful no matter the result. I own a high-end Android device, and although I agree the impact is the best if I use a borrowed device, I still need something to practice on.
  15. I love, love, love this effect. The method is diabolical, and it's FUN to perform. The preview fooled me deeply - and the method was no disappointment. I performed this twice today. With great presentation, it can make for a powerful, fun, memorable routine. Highly recommended.
  16. I just downloaded this as well, and since you're always in a situation where an iPhone/iPod Touch is present, this is the PERFECT trick to perform. Magical, deceptive, and awesome thinking. Genius!
  17. Jeff,

    Can't say how flattered I am that you've taken the time to post your thoughts on here and other forums.

    Glad both you and JB, and everyone else who's bought it... is loving the effect.

    I'm incredibly greatful that you've supported my reign at Number 1 :D haha

    Thanks very much.
  18. I've just finished work ( I work as a club bouncer/ doorman ) ..... and instead of working I was playing with peoples Androids.
    4 people got glassed in the meantime... but i'm sure you'll be glad to know that i've come up with a way of doing it on Android. haha

    I might upload an Android section to the current download in the near future.
  19. That's incredible, thank you very much! Those four's sacrifices will be remembered! Anyway, if you do upload an Android section be sure to tell us, I'll be waiting in the meantime.
  20. Will those who already bought it be able to learn the Android version for free? Or will we have to purchase it again?

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