Favorite ACR ending?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I was wondering what ACR endings you like? Iv been working on an acr but i dont have an ending yet.

    Iv seen sean fields Ambition Impossible and it looks amazing, what do you guys thing about that one? is it practical?
  2. braue popup is good, but overused, and it bends 2 cards(bad). i usually do a shake change, though.
  3. shifty...... end of really
  4. Not really a traditional ACR move, but I like Bound.
  5. I am actually practicing to use Daniel Madison's R.I.P Torn and restored signed card. A card that is able to restore itself is very ambitous in my opinoin ;-)
  6. having the card in your pocket is always good.
  7. Any torn and restored card routine end an ACR pretty well. My favourite ending though is an in the hands triumph routine.
  8. Fr. Braue pop-up move - this is too good to not be used and can only be used at the end.

    A little piece of advice, if I may - do not use the classic pass in ACR, it is meant to be used as a secret control with misdirection, not as a look-what-I-do move!
  9. It depends on the situation

    if the angles are good then fallen (or if i decide to purchase, shifty)

    but if not then i use the pop up move
  10. Pop Up Move, then card ends up being inside a paperclip, which has been in full view the entire time.
  11. I disagree, if used properly in any effect, you can do anything anytime. As long as you use adaquete misdirection and are confident, you can pass when ever you want. As long as you don't flash of course. The ends always justify the means, if done correctly.
  12. My personal favourite ending for an acr is the puppy levitation. Great for walkaround!

    Failing that, Tommy Wonder's ACR ending takes the biscuit in my opinion.
  13. You just confirmed what I said...
  14. Wait.. I don't get it. Who would use the pass and then show off about it? :confused:

    Anyway, at the moment I've just been using "Waving The Aces" at the end of it.
  15. When I do ACR, my finale is Torn Too. Only because I can say, "Look, even if I tear a corner, watch." Then do the restore. It makes a nice ending. Though, I do not do ACR that much.
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    It depends on your routine. If you follow the real Ambitious Card plot, card to impossible location (pocket, paperclip etc)makes no sense. If you do Card Jumps to the Top Multiple times, then card to impossible location is fine. Fallen is crap (in my opinion of course) so I wouldn't use it. Shifty looks great, but I think that Pop Up move is more magical.

    And that two card bend isn't so difficult to remove. (about 2 secs)
  17. Well, you could put the card face down in the middle and then bring it to the top with a pass, or even face up - then it will look more like a color change. The best use is if you put it face up in the center covered with another face down card and then secretely bring both to the top; then do an Erdnase change or a Cardini change.

    But in all cases the spectator is staring right at your hands which is why I said that you are practiacally inviting him to see your pass, although you don't verbally say it. In other words, unless you manage to build some misdirection in your ACR by design, then doing a pass is not advisable. But that's off-topic anyway :)
  18. My fav. endings for my acr
    1.Fallen by DG
    2.Indecent by W:H
    3.Braue Pop-up Move
    4.I sometimes use Lee's Witness move
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    Word Count.
  20. I use multiple climaxes, but for the very last one, I take a different colored backed card, put it on top, and bam the card's on top with the different back. Very strong impact as they handled the card before too.

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