Favorite ACR ending?

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  1. A version of Card to Mouth, usually either the Buck's version of Hand to Mouth, or David Stone's French Kiss.
  2. I usually do a card to mouth second last, then perform shigeo futagawa's elevator card.
  3. I use Braue's popup most of the time. If I don't, i usually reverse the card in the middle of the deck.

    I would suggest using Braue's popup technique. Yes, it bends two cards at once, but it's very easy to unbend both of them discreetly (just bend your deck the opposite way!). I would also suggest having a few specific decks that you use only for ACR, as you ALWAYS want to get the card signed.
  4. Really surprised nobody mentioned Daryl's Ultimate Ambitious - I mean, the ambitous card routine won FISM!

    I personally enjoyed Jamy Ian Swiss ending where all 4 of a kind appear face up at the top.

    Tyler Wilson has some interesting thoughts with a post it note.

    Overall, I think Gary Kurtz has a really interesting ambitious design in "Leading with your Head".
  5. Ok that's what I thought. Thanks!

    That's just how Jay Sankey credited it on the dvd.
  6. The Pop Up Move- but my way. The card pops to the top, while in the spectator's hands. They see the unbent card on the top, I don't touch the deck, and it "pops" to the top.

    This came about one day while I was sitting around at my Dad's work, pretty bored. I was practicing my ACR, and decided it would be cool to do the Pop Up Move, but with the deck in their hands. So I tinkered around with it for about an hour and came up with a method. No gimmicks or anything silly. Although I did play around with Invisible Thread.

    I'm not claiming originality, or claiming to be the creator of it- but I was pretty proud that I came up with it by myself. Anybody that wants more info can PM me about it... I'd be more than happy to share it with you; assuming it hasn't been previously published! Medifro- I'm sure you know about this one!
  7. the omni deck rocks!
    that would be my favorite to do

    whenever i do impromptu i do that pop up move everyone is talking about

    also something like david stones ghost tricks works pretty well
    or a in their hand sort of thing (they shuffle it...)(its still on top)
  8. It's too much of a hassle to make for me, personally. But I did adapt some things from Daryl's ACR into mine.
  9. Hand to Mouth from the Trilogy. So easy, and so hard-hitting!
  10. Euh... What is with you people ending ACR with a card-in-mouth? It's not really comparable to other effects such as Braue's Popup, or a card in a spectator's pocket, etc...
  11. Yeah, I'm going to have to agree. Braue's Pop Up in the spectators' hands is much more awesome than a card to mouth, I think.
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    Tyler Wilson writes about this kind of thing in his book Domina-tricks. The concept of the ambitious card plot is that the card...despite all efforts STILL comes back to the top. I never understood two things:

    1) What is with all these non-sequitur endings? Card in mouth, card in pocket, deck in pocket, card in wallet...and so on. We build the plot that the card is coming to the top, but then feel good that a completely unexpected direction in plot deems a reaction? It is like shuffling a deck of cards face up and face down and building a triumph plot…but then having the card appear in your pocket after the deck rights itself? It would get a reaction? It would fool people? Yes, however, I wouldn’t agree that it is good magic.

    2) Like Tyler argues – what justifies when to stop? The pop up move is impressive, but who decides that this move is as good as it gets? The magician. The magician arbitrary decides, “Bending the card, and seeing it bend as it arrives on top, gets a big reaction, therefore, that is as good as it gets? Then the magician stops as to say...it is like a magicical tap out, with the magician submitting - stating, it doesn't get any more magical than that – is giving up a good ending? Nothing, but the visual nature of the bend, makes the pop up move more impressive than many other ambitious sequences, and although it is great, it has flaws like other moves (can't show the face as it goes in, for example). Moroever, is it not stronger that the audience believe they did it all - what if they took the card, put it in the middle, and turned the top card over themselves - would this be a better ending? Anyhow, I wish we would start to think about better, or more logical endings...see above (point 1) for BAD examples of logical endings.

    This is one reason I do enjoy Daryl’s FISM act, as he does everything in his power to make it impossible to bring the card to the top, and the act builds. The effect is clear, and never gets muddled with displays of other magic effects (card to wallet, card under glass, etc) It climaxes when he “sleight of hand” proofs the deck – I know some might say it’s a “hassle”, but I don’t see why – as it’s only half a deck thick gimmick and is as easy to ring in as any pocket deck switch. Then again, I am sure these same guys already have their pocket full of gimmicks and a card guard, so I can see how this would be a problem.

    Anyhow – I think ambitious card should have a logical build, where each phase becomes more impressive and cancels the method of the last. Endings for this plot can be difficult and have always been a problem, unless you are just focused on obtaining a reaction alone, then that is easy to use a grab bag of stand alone effects to solve the issue. However, I choose to work on the problem, than be satisfied with a band aid solution.

  13. Me too. Short message.
  14. I think card-to-mouth is so impossible, and Dan and Dave's hand to mouth provides so much misdirection that iti's quite easy to pull of, and you end totally clean. So I think that it's suited to be a closer.
  15. i would end by doing "BELIEVE".....i think that would shock the spectator....

  16. Hey Morgician, great post.

    I couldn't agree more to your first point. An ambitious card should proceed in logical phases. I've seen many people do a card to mouth in an ACR and to me it just doesn't feel right. The whole purpose of the routine is for a card to rise to the top, each time in a more impossible or visual way. Why suddenly have it jump to your mouth? Just seems illogical to me.

    Just my opinion.
  17. i like to use card to mouth as my finale, I like how impossible it seems to the spectators for the card to jump to my mouth and how great their reactions are because of that, the trick hasn't failed me yet
  18. i just crapped myself

    NOW THATS A POST that makes sense and is filled with great advice
  19. Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm glad I found this thread as I've been doing a lot of work on redesigning my ACR.

    For years, like lots of magicians who got into the art during Blaine Fever, I ended my routine with the Braue ala Blaine. I'm a bit tired of it, though. The audience reaction is still great, but I'm restless. I've sifted through a lot of different routines in the last couple of weeks trying to find one that suits me, but I'm not quite there yet.

    My thinking mirrors Morgician's (very impressive post, by the way!): why end with a non-sequitor like Card to Wallet or Card to Pocket? There's a logic to the routine, and a sense of builidup. The performer certainly satisfies the buildup with an impressive ending, but it's not an especially artful or interesting or sensical ending.

    That having been said, I've been working on the possibilities of Card to Mouth as a reasonable and justified ending. I'm considering something like pinning the deck between the chin and the chest, performing my Magical Finger Snap, feigning surprise/shock/choking, and then producing the card from inside the mouth.

    I've also taken a shine to the idea of "inserting" the card into the bottom half of the deck, handing the top half to a spectator to "simplify" things, then showing that it's on top of the packet in their hands. Nice rise/transpo combo that really gives it a sense of magic. I know there's a name and originator for this, but it slips my mind.

    I hear good things about Garcia's "Fallen." Does it honestly fool them?
  20. Hey, just a note first - Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay :) an I like your idea of pinning the deck between your neck and your chest. Nice thinking :)

    Second, Fallen is - for me personally - a really really nice effect. I can tell you of one time I was doing an ACR and I finished with Fallen. It was a 1-on-1 kind of situation and the person I did it for was shocked, they didn't scream running away but because of the way I presented that particular ACR they were genuinely entertained I can quote (with actions) "*looking closer* Wow... How is that possble?... That's amazing man"

    The most concerning thing about Fallen is the angles, which by the way Daniel Garcia covers VERY well (In that the camera moves to different locations so you can see how well you are covered). But an important factor in this is also audience management.

    It certainly fooled her, but moreover it entertained her - the expression I saw was one of awe. I kid you not.

    I must admit I haven't tried this for a crowd yet and it's something I "have up my sleeve" for those certain occassions y'know? :)

    Hope that helps a little there.

    - Sean

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