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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by scottbaird, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. What coin manipulator do you guys like to watch?

    By that I mean, maybe you like their material, but who do you find the most entertaining?

    Kainoa Harbottle and Curtis Kam tie in my eyes; they don't sacrifice presentation when they perform their moves, like many do. Their magic is tough, AND entertaining.

    Also up there would be Shoot Ogawa. He's just funny.

    Who do you guys like to see perform?

  2. Dean Dill
    Kainoa Harbottle

    just off the top of my head
  3. I 100% agree about Kainoa and Curtis. I had the honor and privelage of jamming with them in a bar while I was in Hawaii. They're the guys that really got me into coin magic. Curtis taught me one of his "easier" handlings of hanging coins, but it's still quite a toughy.
  4. In prefer David Stone.
    NO ONE has such a good classic palm , not even Michael Ammar.
  5. David Roth is the master of coin magic.
  6. Both David Stone and Justin Miller are an absolute wonder to see perform with coins.
  7. Homer Liwag and David Roth.
    I also enjoy watching Troy Hoosier do anything with coins.
    Chirs Korn is fun to watch too.

    I have only seen Justin do Silver Dream so I don't know how his other routines look. Silver Dream is quite good though.

  8. David Stone is great. His magic is very funny and entertaining.
    Jay Sankey is wild when it comes to coin magic, although I haven't seen him perform Live, I loved his revolutionary coin magic dvd.
    Almost forgot to mention, Dan Sylvester is also one of my favorites!
    Sometimes, I find the more skillful magicians, are usually not the most entertaining ones, I prefer not to look for the mechanics when I watch a performance, that's just spoils the fun.

    A couple mentioned David Roth, I have to agree his is a master in coin magic, but I kind of dislike his style of performance, it's so lifeless. Maybe I will change my mind when I see him perform LIVE!
  9. Shoot Ogawa and David Stone for me.
  10. Roth - He really is just the man

    Liwag - From the very few clips I've seen of him, he handles the coins so smoothly

    Silver - Such a style, and his ROV is UNBELIEVABLE

    Miller would also get a mention, as his coin work is rather graceful.

  11. For me Its Homer Liwag and Rannie Raymundo.
  12. I love watching

    -David Stone: his classic palm is great, and he has this great sense of humor (even though i have no idea what he is saying.)

    -Homer Liwag: Handles coins well. Also has a nice sense of humor. (though i have never heard him speak, save for 3 words.)

    -Mickey Silver: Great ROV. always makes performences fun and entertaining. Good humor, never heard him speak.

    well, thats all for now

  13. I just wanted to add that it is an absolute miracle what David Stone can do with a coin classic palmed. His is easily the best classic palm I've ever seen.
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    Scott Baird...no really, he is so fluent.

    David Stone, very intresting Restrant magic

    Cyril Takayama, Great magic that he can take anywhere
    (except for the time he produced like 50 coins from no hands/sleeves
  15. I'm glad everyone agrees with me that David Stone is one of the best.
    In my first post I said that his classic palm is superb .
    It is the best I have ever seen.
    But I forgot something...
    You should see his fingerpalm!!!! That's absolutly unbelievable.
    It still fools me. He just hold's it very freely with two fingers and more diagonaly shifted. On the Real Secrets Of Magic Vol.2 they learn his fingerpalm as a section called coin production, it's that good!
    You should see it!!!
  16. Kainoa Harbottle
    Geoff Latta
    Rannie Raymundo
    Homer Liwag
    Chris Kenner
    Dean Dill~~
  17. David Neighbors in my opinion used to be in the top 3 in the world. Nowadays, his age has caught up with him and most everything he does, you can exactly what happened. i don't think anyone has the heart to tell him that he should retire and maybe offer just to teach :(
  18. Please do not forget Bob Fitch.
  19. Eric Jones is amazing. His work is incredibly bold but I love it. His 3 fly is crazy visual.

    Justin Miller for Silver Dream... his other coin work (I never got to see Triun so this is an incomplete statement) is great but nothing overly amazing to watch.

  20. I'll agree David Stone has certain swag about him that is really enjoying to watch.

    I have huge respect for David Neighbors, he gave me some great advice on coins.

    I also think Dan Watkins is an excellent coin worker and is by far one of the most helpful for anyone trying to learn coins.


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