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  1. No Moves. No Gimmicks. No Kidding.

    We see the above an awful lot in magic advertising, I know I've used similar before, however, never have I seen it more relevant than in Mike's effect; Flicker.

    I'm sure by now many of you will be familiar with the effect, for those of you that aren't, head over to www.thementalplayground.com to see the demo.

    This effect does require a little something extra than a deck of cards, but this is great - it means that unlike most self working effects, spectator's don't have a chance in replicating what you just did... Though it's so powerful, I'm not sure they'd have the mental capacity to try after their minds had been suitably blown by your performance!

    Now, This DOES rely on your presentation. If you just do the change on it's own people may say, wow that's cool, but that's about it. If you follow all the subtleties that Mike goes over in the DVD, you'll have the tools to get stunning reactions.

    I must say that when I first heard about Flicker about 6 months ago or so, I thought it was great - seeing the video, all the routines and the extra's Mike throws in on the DVD, I'm even more sold.

    I've performed the basic routine a few times so far, not alot, but enough to know that the reactions on tape are if anything down turned to what you can achieve.

    This is a revolutionary idea and I love it. I'm sure you will too!

    As mentioned, you can pick this up at www.TheMentalPlayground.com


  2. cool, thanks for the review. I was a bit hesitant about getting this because i had not seen the effect in the preview. so it is as good as they say it is?
  3. Does exactly what it says on the tin ;)

  4. awesome, I'll probably pick this up soon.
  5. I love how in the 4 minutes and 30 seconds of the trailor, you don't see a single magic effect take place... golden.
  6. Just like the same way you can read through an entire Kenton Knepper book and not learn a magic trick, doesn't mean that it doesn't hold valuable information.

    The trailer is merely to complement the effect description to show you what the effect is capable of - Magic happens in the minds of your spectators, not on your computer screen.

    Some things can't be shown on cam as they would not work. It's as simple as that.


  7. Paul Gross from hocus-pocus.com was saying the same thing... and so Brian (the producer) told him what the effect was, and asked him to try it and call us back. Twenty minutes later he called back and asked for an exclusive on it.

    Hope you like it too.

    the DVD is a hocus-pocus exclusive!
  8. so the extra thing you need is it something you can pick up at a local store or do you have to order it or something?
  9. Hi- Althought I don't own the effect, the extra item is something most magicians are familiar with.

    Most own or see/heard of this item.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Certain magic cannot be seen on camera, and I think I can understand why this one can't- but that doesn't make it an excuse to not look into these effect.
  11. I know that, but I just found it comical that in the trailer, michael is speaking about how amazing the change is for 4:30. No offense whatsoever, it's just funny.
  12. I like the fact that there is also a color changing deck thing with it as well.

  13. It is funny, and I here what your saying... but Flicker is an optical illusion/concept. It looks absolutely stunning, but if I put it on video and showed it to you, you wouldn't see anything. Then your response would be, "I don't get it, nothing happened". It's something that only works when you see it live. The optical illusion isn't translated through the screen (I wish it did, as sales would be off the charts.).
  14. You are correct. Most magicians either already have it, or know about it and can get it.

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