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FOURFIT :: Restoration #1

Ps here is a rough webcam performance from September 20th of this year ... it's not shot with a super-duper-diamond-HD-cannon camera... but it shows you that i'm not lying when it comes to knowing this method ... only difference is ... mine seems fully restored without a switch.


The video was uploaded to a private message on facebook that I can't rip off to upload... so i've provided a screenshot to prove the date and the video has been re-uploaded to youtube today.


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Oct 19, 2007
This is why TheWire sucks... Seems to me people dont do their reseach. So many effects have already been done or really similar. I dont question T11 but, a lot of things are being passed that people question... Anyway, people need to stop hating on Lloyd and Rueben. Both effects are good. For future refrence please dont flash in videos. It was really obvious what Lloyd was doing. Maybe the angles were bad? Idk, but I want to be impressed when I see videos on The Wire, not make me question T11 and the business..
Hey guys. Just wanted to chime in here about a few things. I’ve known Reuben for about 5 years, and know he’s extremely dedicated to his craft. I know him as more of a stage manipulator, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw him do this. He’s been honing this routine for 4 years and has worked it in the real world. There are certainly angle considerations, and as with any sleight-of-hand routine, you will need to practice to get it down smoothly. I don’t think this quite makes it worthy of being considered “unpractical”.

Research in magic is a tricky subject. People can only do the best they can. With a plot like TnR, it’s quite difficult to find everything out there. Also, with Reuben’s routine being developed and honed over such a long period of time, I’m sure that most similarities to other routines are the result of independent creation. With that said, the Blue Crown (and Reuben) think it’s very important to give credit where it’s due. So if there’s a stumble there somewhere, I’m sure it will be addressed.

As to any kind of “lies” or “false advertising” in Fourfit, I simply can’t agree. Fourfit doesn’t just teach a single routine or method. Reuben teaches each phase in multiple ways, so different people could very well construct different routines out of the material taught. Depending on which variation of a move you use, not EVERYTHING will all be possible at once. Some versions allow a signature, while others do not. However, the material is available if you want to do a signed version. I personally don’t think that any visual TnR effect requires a signature. I’ve yet to ever have a layperson question the fact that a card wasn’t signed. If they’re watching the card get reassembled piece-by-piece in front of their eyes, why would they think, “Hmmm, it wasn’t signed!!”

In regards to handing the fully-restored card out at the end, once again, Reuben offers multiple methods. One version of the final restoration does not allow you to hand the card out immediately. Another one does. Those who don’t care about handing it out can use one method, and those who do want an instant hand-out can use that one. This is all about customization of your methods according to your personal preferences.

So, can the card be signed and handed out immediately? For some versions yes, and for some versions no. Which one you choose is up to you. Personally, I’d probably go for an unsigned version that can be handed out immediately. I’ve watched the DVD and learned exactly what I needed to present it that way.

For any particular version, you will need a small bit of “preparation”, which I guess some people could refer to as a gaff or gimmick. All you need are ordinary playing cards and your 2 hands though, so I don’t consider Fourfit to involve gimmicks. Brief prep yes, gimmicks no.

Bottom line, Reuben has traveled all over with his magic act, and along the way he has shown Fourfit to top industry pros like Jon Armstrong, Jeff McBride, Mac King, and others. The routine has been widely praised as original, visual, and practical. I don’t own every TnR out there, but I do own several. I don’t have a single favorite among them, but I did learn new and valuable ideas from Fourfit that I can apply to my performances.
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Sep 21, 2011
I agree with Shin Lim's thoughts about Restored. I really don't see anything novel that it adds to the piece-by-piece T&R plot. In fact, one of the cited advantages that you can show both sides of each piece leads to inconsistency after the second tear. You'll notice that the quarter piece shown is not in the right orientation to have been torn from that part of the card. Clearly, a flaw in my opinion. But, beyond that though, tell me what this adds beyond Reformation, Torn, Rehab, or the numerous other approaches out there. Now, in contrast, approaches like TNR, STAR, FourFit represent very refreshing new approaches to the plot. They are "revolutionary" whereas I consider Restored to be rather derivative and incremental. But, I'm prepared to be convinced otherwise if someone can address this. Anyways, really good discussion folks!
Oct 23, 2011
I love BOTH Restored by Lloyd Barnes and Fourfit by Reuben Moreland .
Now guys , i really regret posting this thread . Thanks to me , there's an argument going on . I'm so sorry ...
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Sep 28, 2008
New York
Yet another great review found on the cafe:

I streamed Fourfit today and I'm extremely impressed. First off, I should mention that this was my first purchase with the Blue Crown and the video quality and speed was better than many competing companies which I've bought from in the past. The footage is crystal clear which definitely makes learning the trick more enjoyable. (I watched an older L&L publishing DVD yesterday – boy have we advanced in film quality since then..)

I’ve seen Reuben perform his stage act at a convention in the past but didn’t really know what to expect from him as a teacher, especially since he is young and, to my knowledge, new to the “magic instruction” circuit. Simply put, I was EXTREMELY impressed. While others could have (and would have) taught Fourfit in five minutes, Reuben walks you through the process step by step at a slow yet reasonable speed and then runs through the entire trick again closer to real time.

A mirror is also used for times when Reuben wants you to see moves/hand placements from an audience perspective – something that I haven’t seen in a magic video before. Also, some of the "tips" that are included (such as scissors tip for those who have purchased it) were really neat and make it clear that this was a well thought-out DVD and not something that was just thrown together in an afternoon's time. I tend to be a slow learner but the intricate detail of Reuben’s teaching had me performing the trick decently by the end of the video. And YES, I have gotten it to look just as good as it does in the promo video.

It takes a lot for me to post of the Café but I really feel that Fourfit deserves this review and all of the hype that it's getting. Reuben Moreland and the Blue Crown as a whole has gained a new fan. Highly recommended.
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