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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josh Simpson, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. I agree. No one is this generous anymore. Thank you very much for this opportunity. Happy Holidays to all and to you too Josh.
  2. Very Generous!! Merry Christmas!
  3. Without doubt you're such a nice person.
  4. good idea bro...

    hope will be useful to people who got it^^
  5. One of the best things i have seen someone do this days! Merry Christmass!!!
  6. Fantastic.

  7. This is extremely generous of you Josh! A great way to shine the spotlight on how Christmas is about GIVING and not only receiving.

    Hats off to you.

    - Jenai
    For me the first day of December started in Christmas feeling thanks to your pm. :)
    And now I can't tell how happy I am :D
  9. All those who are receiving parcels have been informed and they should be shipped out Friday :) Please give them a bit of time to arrive but rest assured they shall :) send me a PM if you need any information :)
    I have one box left, so keep the requests coming in (sorry I cannot reply to all but there are so many) and I will choose a worthy winner by the end of the week :)

  10. This is a great thing to do. Although I have my own share of wealth issues, I am doing pretty well in comparison to some. Making someone's day is what magic is all about and you did just that. No amount of money can be spent on that magic. I do think there ought to be a magic drive. like a food drive or toy drive. There are plenty of people that could use our unneeded books and dvds. Not people looking for another trick in their repertoire or something to trade. but people who genuinely want it but can't afford it. Just a thought. Kudos to you.
  11. Was the last person ever chosen?

    BTW- Congrats to the guys who won!
  12. That's great of you, it's good to see people out there who are willing to look at others before themselves, good on you!
  13. Any updates on this? would love to see who got the last box :)
  14. unemployed single parent here,
    saw this too late i figure but i wanted to post to tell you that the world needs more people like you.
    I know if someone where to give me a gift like this it would really cheer me up, you sir are a saint!
    Merry x-mas everyone

    let use this as inspiration and do something special for someone whos down on his luck this holiday season
  15. Hey everyone!
    Thanks for all the mail and sorry I could not respond to everyone!! As of now all the parcels have been sent off but beware that I may do something like this again! I decided (to reduce biased) to not post on the thread who won and instead sent those people messages and have sent off al parcels finishing off by sending the final ones today!
    Well done to those who do, and enjoy to those who got one! Merry Christmas and sorry I couldn't help more :( Oh and since I sent these packages out randomly (package numbers 1 to 25).....the person who won package number 1.....enjoy ;)

  16. What's in package #1?!?!

    Don't leave us hangin'!!
  17. Nothing special, probably just a few bricks of Jerry's Nuggets, Black Ghost 1st Ed and some pure gold. And Daniel Garcia. ;)
  18. You got it :D haha! Well that will remain secret until the winner receives his package ;)

  19. How do you know if you were chosen? Did you PM the winners?
  20. Yep, all winners have been contacted via PM and the parcels are on their way, Josh said so in a post above I believe.

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