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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ajatustenlukija, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. i done it and haven't got an email back yet
  2. I think today is the last day to get the download. This is an awesome deal.

    You waste 2 minutes of you time and get a $15 download and might also get a $30 dvd download if enough people do this in the end.

    So go and do it!!!
  3. You don't get an actual email back, check you MyPenguinMagic and it should be there soon.
  4. hey guys!!! keep voting so we can get the DVD!!!!!!!!

    i loved the magic square one and it was great!!!!!! and it is a great deal lets gooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
  5. Austin is in first now, at least when i voted this morning he was.
  6. Vote for Austin (Penguin Magic)

    Hey guys if you haven't voted today or haven't voted ever go to penguin and click Austin rocks contest make an account and vote 5 times! He was in first and now hes in second if he goes any farther down hes out So Please vote for Austin!!

  7. hey Guys whats up? guess what Austin won well his in he got 2nd place so I guess Penguin Magic will be giving everyone who participated that free unrelease dvd download yay im exited
  8. I think their way of "supporting" Austin is a little like bribery. I'm not saying Austin doesn't deserve to play in the game but it's just the way they're trying to get votes for him. You only vote for someone if you geniunely think he deserves your vote. Be honest, some of the people who voted for him hardly even know him and just wanted the free downloads. Now, others will say that they're just trying to help him out but their means of doing so isn't what I think it should be. I know it's hard for many to resist the lure of a free effect but sometimes maybe you have to think about what you're doing first. I'm not pointing fingers, I just had to say that.

    Anyway, someone mentioned that he's in, so good luck to him then. And for those who'll soon get their downloads, have fun with them. ;)
  9. SO..... did anybody get the DVD???? it has been a long time now...
  10. Ha! That's a good one. I disagree with and don't support the business practices of Penguin. A free trick isn't going to change that.
  11. Hate to bring up a dead thread but...

    For those of you who participated, the DVD is now available for download.

  12. i got the sceond one but the first one never came and thats the one i am interested in
  13. Hmm. I've only seen one DVD...


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