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  1. Hi guys,
    The last few days I've taken a good look at Steve Forte's "Gambling Protection Series" and I'm seriously thinking about getting it. However, as does cost a lot of money (for me), I want to be quite sure. So for all those who know this DVD: How well can you learn from it? I know it wasn't meant to be an instructional film, but are the shooting angles good enough for you to learn from it?

    Thank you for your help!
  2. As far as I know, you already have Nr Turner's the cheat DVD. Learning from the GPS pretty similar if not easier. Plus, Mr Forte has a grace in handling cards that very few cardman actually have. I really think that even if you don't learn anything from it (which you will), just watching him handle the cards is worthwhile.
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  3. That's fantastic, thank you very much!

    From everything I have seen of Mr Forte so far, I would agree if there wasn't this steep price tag. But seriously, just watching him shuffle the cards is awe-inspiring.

    Vanishing Inc. actually offers the four volumes seperately, for the same total price the whole set would be. My questions: Do you know whether this version includes the bonus section on volume four as well, and which volume are false deals on? All sites I've seen list false dealing on both volume 2 and 3. Which one is it?

    By the way, do you know the Genii article on Steve Forte? If not, I highly suggest checking it out.
  4. Actually, one other thing: On YouTube there's a video "Hand Quicker Than Eye", showing Steve Forte, if I'm not completely mistaken. That isn't from the GPS, is it?
  5. From what I know, you should purchase the whole set to get the bonus parts.
    I have to check to find the exact volume, but if I remember correctly, they’re only on a single volume.
    No, that’s not. The GPS is much older, and I daresay, with a much lower video quality.
  6. Thanks very much for the info!
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  7. On the DVD set, false deals are on Vol 2. In the DVD set, there are 3 disks:

    D1 Vol 1&2
    D2 Vol 3&4
    D3 Bonus Content

    Hope that helps! Well worth the purchase price! Grab the books if you can, they are definitely a fine companion to the DVD set. Forte is just mind blowing and the DVDs bring those books to life. A truly one of a kind resource.

    The bonus content is outrageous good. Mr England had a significant hand in the books and this DVD remaster project and did an incredible job of picking out a number of filmed sleights Mr Forte did "back then" to add as bonus content. They comment throughout and just WOW, incredible stuff. Some solid mucking which makes the process defined in the book very clear, tons of other amazing stuff demonstrated (but not taught).

    The Steve Forte Museum tour alone is a dream come true. What a collection!!
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  8. Thank you very much!

    I'd keep that for later. Mr Forte says that the content of the book (you are referring to Casino Game Protection, right?) is more for the serious game protection enthusiast and the "gambling junkie", without really much in it for the sleight-of-hand interested. Also, though I know it would be well worth it, the price put me off; I'm saving my money for Mr Forte's book in which he actually teaches moves (due later this year).

    Vanishing Inc. gives the option of buying the volumes seperately at their website. Do you know if the bonus material would be included in that?

    Thanks a lot for the response! I'm even further set on buying these DVDs now!
  9. Never mind, I checked with their support staff and it's only included in the whole package.
  10. You're welcome, glad I could add a bit of excitement to the purchase! I didnt know Forte was putting out a new book!! Do you have any more info on that you could share?

    There are actually two books; Casino Game Protection and Poker Protection. The Poker Protection book is the one I was thinking of when I said the above. You're correct on the CGP book and it's intent (and price) but lots of good nuggets in there. The PP book is much cheaper ($70-90) and a fantastic teaching cmpanion to some of the moves in GPS. They've both been in my library for some years now and IMO well worth the price even if some of the CGP stuff is now dated, but does a great job of being companion to some of the GPS content as well.

    Bottom line is the DVDs alone are outstanding and well worth the price, I think you'll be very happy with them should you proceed. Mr. Forte is just so damn good and the knowledge is off the charts.

    I'm super excited to learn hes putting out a teaching book soon!! :). Any info on that would be greatly appreciated!
  11. That's good to know! In that case I'll definitely add it to my must-buy-list.

    I agree. I had a tremendous amount of respect (actually, respect doesn't cut it, admiration would probably be the better word) for his skill even before I knew too much about it, but since I read the Genii article -- whoa! I'm pretty mindblown by what he is said to be capable of! As a sentence in the article put it: "His skill with sleight-of-hand is second only to his immense knowledge of the game." (Or something like that.)

    Apart from what you saw on the other thread I don't think there is any more info; you could check out the Magic Café thread, but I think I got all info out of that one.
  12. That quote is dead on in it's intent. If you haven't yet seen the GPS videos, you're about to be blown away. Forte in action has to be seen to be believed, the techniques are so polished, so perfected, you'll find yourself hitting stop, rewind 30 secs, play, ad infinitum. He is our modern Professor. A true master. Keeping in mind how old these videos actually are, what his capabilities are today I can't even wrap my head around it. He's a unique guy in a unique time who availed himself of the Masters, and became one himself, so he's the culmination of all of it. Really something to ponder.

    I stumbled on the MC thread a few moments ago and last post was March, so you're correct, no more info there. I won't stop looking, and share what I find if anything new, MUST have this book!
  13. And to think that he himself is actually unhappy with his performance on there ... I want to know how his moves look when he does them "right"!

    I guess we'll talk at the latest when there's more to find about the book, so see you then!
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