Gambling Routine books/DVDs?

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  1. So as the title states, Im looking for some books that have gambling based routines, like stacks, false deals, etc. Ive heard Ortiz has some good shat, anyone care to elaborate? Im also open to other suggestions that arent ortiz.
  2. Whats your skill level, because Ortiz stuff often times will use things like 2nd deals, Bottoms and other things that aren't too easy.

    I know Card College has a few Gambling demos in it that are pretty much within everybody's range of skill. Mnemonica also has a few really good ones if you are willing to do the work on the deck as well.
  3. you can never go wrong with darwin ortiz. G.P.S. by steve forte has some really good stuff too. and of course you should know foundations by jason england.
  4. foundations isnt waht im looking for. Im already getting GPS, but I want performable ROUTINES, not just the moves
  5. I hear Ortiz's At the Card Table has some good stuff.
  6. You cant go wrong with Darwins At the Card Table and CardShark. Great books.

    The Magic of Fred Robinson is a really great book and has a section on Freds Gambling routines.
    Martin Nashs The Professional, Run Ups, Black Jack Demo, The show off etc are great routines. You could find them off of the Meri Yedid line or the L and L line.
    James Swain has some nice routines.
  7. G.P.S is NOT going to give you any routines!

    Darwin Ortiz - Scams and Fantasies, Card Shark, Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table. With these you will have a very very strong gambling demo.
  8. Jack Carpenter has some really nice routines. I quite like "Nine Angry Men", where Jack stacks 4 aces for 10-handed draw poker in one riffle shuffle. You can see Jack stacking for 5 players in one shuffle here: (also check out the rest of his videos, all great).

    Jason England has some real nice routines in lecture notes. He also mentiones good gambling routines to practice the second and bottom deals in his sets of notes on the moves (and I think in the videos as well).

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