Glitch - A dozen Centurions or Guardians price?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by white_lynx86, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. the promo says that the discount will be 20% for a brick

    but when I place a brick of cents, the price still $50.49

    shouldn't it be $47.52??

    12 * ($4.95 * 80%) = $47.52

    and also, when will this promo ends?

    will it only last for that 11 days?
  2. No, actualy 50.49 IS the sale price. If you were to buy 12 decks of guardians individualy, it would be almost 60.00.
  3. but the regular price is $4.95...
    so if the sale up to 20% now, it would be $47.52

    50.49 is the price that i usually get if i buy a dozen (15% disc)
  4. Yeah, that's definitely an error. I checked the 6 deck option (with a 15% discount) just to make sure my math was correct, and they're also $4.21 per deck (the same as the 12 deck option), which equals a 15% discount. You should probably submit a ticket.
  5. My apologies guys. Give it a shot now. Should work flawlessly.
  6. thx dude
    you rock

    problem solved, thread close pls
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