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  1. I'm considering purchasing Greg's recent live at the table lecture (see here) but I've owned lot's of Gregs work in the past, like his On the Spot DVD. It says on the trailer that it includes a lot of new things. I'm wondering if anyone who has purchased this download could give me a run down of effects that are included please? I am sure it's all interesting but I've been doing magic for 15 years so I don't want to pay for content I've learnt in the past.

    I would appreciate it if anyone can share a run down of what he teaches.
  2. Sorry, just saw this. I am in the same boat as you and I jumped in and got this. Unfortunately, it's the same stuff. A couple of small new presentations and small effects, but much of the same stuff as his penguin lectures (which had more content). I think the goal was for there to be new stuff, but the questions being asked were about old material like pitch and ditch etc.
  3. Thank you for clearing that up for me, Justin.
  4. Gregory Wilson is a veteran magician and lecturer and on this lecture he shares some great magic. I had the chance to watch portions of this live, I found the interface to be easy to use and many of the questions I asked were answered throughout the lecture.

    Party Time Opener: A paper bag is pulled out of the magicians pocket, a streamer is pulled out and a full bottle of wine is produced. This is a great, somewhat organic, production of a bottle. This does have some angle and wardrobe considerations but would work great on stage.

    Sugar Change: A packet of Sweet and Low is dropped through a coffee sleeve and changes color. This is a new clever application of a J.C. Wagner effect that can easily be set up on the fly.

    Pitch ‘n Ditch: A coin changes in mid air then vanishes multiple times. He jazzes a bit here making the coin vanish in a handful of different ways all using the pitch and ditch. This is a utility move that is best performed in a stand up cocktail situation. It is knacky and requires heavy audience direction but it is a fun move to do.

    Pick Pocket Basics: On a whim Greg decides to start pick pocketing his spectator. He explains a couple routines and techniques. He goes through the credit card steal in detail, stealing a credit card and wallet in succession. I love this routine, I feel like Greg milks it a little bit too much but I like the cleanliness of the credit card and wallet steals. He also shows a way to steal glasses. There are some classics mixed in but a lot of good tips and tricks from really working.

    Ring Side: This is a 3 phase ring and coin transpo with a surprise ending. All you need its a quarter and a ring. This is a fun effect for stand up situations but it’s not really my cup of tea.

    Repeat Watch Steal: Under the guise of guessing which hand a coin is in he steals a watch twice. Even if you don’t want to steal a watch you learn a fun way to guess a coin in a spectators hand.

    Pocket change: A number is named and it is revealed to match the exact change in the magicians pocket. He shows a couple handlings for this as well as the gimmick but you really don’t get the whole picture. You will still need to purchase the trick from Greg to perform it.

    Copper Silver: This is a fun impromptu penny and dime transpo that happens in the spectators hand. This is a very cool transpo that I can see myself using, I love how easily it can be performed. Because this was impromptu it can easily be routined with other effects using pennies and dimes.

    Stick Shift: 2 pieces of a toothpick penetrate each other over and over. He then restores the toothpick in a very magical way. This uses a classical method for the penetration but finishes in a unique way.

    Lighter Change: A lighter is shown to be out of gas, the magician changes its color and it now works. This is a fun color changing lighter with a nice twist. You can also make it a kind of transpo where the lighter appears in your sock.

    Revelution (performance only): Using the OCD deck from Sans Minds. Greg shows a mixed deck, he spins it on his finger and it rearranges itself into new deck order. He only teases the deck spin, but it really looks like he’s spinning it just like a basketball spinning on his finger.

    Poker Peek: Gregs touches on the spectator peek. There’s very little new here but he gives a couple strong pieces of misdirection that you may find to be helpful.

    Card Under Box: This is a very bold handling of the classic effect. A card is selected and appears under the box over and over again. This is naturally a very bold effect but Greg has managed to make it even more so with his simple additions.

    Video Performances: In this section Greg watches himself perform on camera and really tries to rip his performance apart. There’s a lot to learn here in real world situations. I enjoyed this a lot. He talks about hecklers and his ideas on how to deal with difficult audiences.

    Overall, this is a strong lecture for those interested in pick pocketing and stand up cocktail magic. It is very entertaining but I can’t see myself doing much of the magic taught.
  5. That's great goatears, thank you! It helps me make a much more informed decision.

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