Guardian cards look top notch

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Manahan, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Well I've officially ordered my 3 decks and I'm so stoked, I just hope the finish on them doesn't wear off like my Black Tiger decks did, where the edges turned all White and looked all weird =[, overall they're probably my favourite design but, not my favourite Ace of Spades...although that has nothing to do with the beauty of the back design.

  2. another deck to make spectators think there is something "special" about them

    but i might buy a deck, to see how good they are (not for performance)

    i only use regular bikes for performance

  3. Guardian, I have to agree with what Mr. X said earlier, you haven't really taken what theory 11 has done and said anythign realy good about it, maybe you have but I haven't noticed it in the posts I have read. Like the creators of theory 11 said, they spent countless hours on this, the least we can do is respect the time and effort they put into this.

    And why wouldn't you use them for performance? Criss Angel uses a different deck of cards taht look funky, it is just on how you present it.

    As for my opinion on the deck, they look really nice and I will definetly pick up a few. Two for performing and one for duplicates.
  4. I dont use custom decks to make people think im special i use them because they look nice and add a bit of flair to your performance.

    also wayne and everyone put alot of time and effort into these products give them a little respect.
  5. I dunno, I'm seriously considering buying one just to check it out. I have a feeling it's going to take a lot of time to get used to them, seeing as they look awesome yet oddly bizarre at the same time.

  6. Im just overwhelmed... even the guardians...i mean damn...
  7. I am Not completly sure what i think of them, the box is sexy as. But the cards i don't know if i like the back design. The white border is a positive. i am still going to buy some decks.

    P.s First Post Hey Guys
  8. i want to see what the court cards look like. :):cool::D

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  9. You're certainly right about Ellusionist stock being funny. I've always found that regular bikes last so much longer than an E deck.

    I've never understood how Brad Christian could describe the Black Ghosts as being 'sexy'. I know I never thought I'd say this about a deck of cards but Bicycle Guardians are sexy. haha
  10. I just picked up a few, fucking peer pressure. >.<

    On a more serious note though, the design does look rather nice. I think I would be further attracted to them if they came in both red and blue instead, but that is just my opinion.

    Take care y'all,
  11. I would be further attracted to them if the shipping wasn't so damn high :(
  12. I think the designs are cool but to me the borders are too large. I don't like how they look because of the borders.
  13. I would need to see them in real life before I make a judgement on them, but to be honest I reckon they've been well put together- at least from what the pictures have shown. :)

    "Quality over quantity" - we'll see how the quality is within time.

  14. I love the research they put into the cards. And they look killer. On a side note Hey Jordan!!!
  15. I wast like "damn" when seeing them first, i hope the finish ect. is also as good as they look!
  16. i cant say that its another deck to make people think something is special with them???

    thats not disrespect, i respect what theyve done with them, but i woudlnt use them.

    and Id rather use normal looking objects, a regular deck of cards, so that way, if they want to look at them, i can let them examine them. They are usually a little bit rough when they are examing the deck, so id rather not use a 10 dollar deck of cards anyway.

    and im not going to mention Criss Angel and his great Editing Team that works with him.

    and ill repeat, i respect what theyve done. all of the effects i see here look amazing, but id also like them to add mroe info. on each product page.

    is there set up, how long if there is, any angle issues.

    and just because i dont like a product of their's, doesnt mean that i dont respect it, respect is MUCH different than liking a product.

    and Theory11 doesnt have my respect yet because they have only been open for a day, and i dont know much about the products yet, the teaching, ETC. things like that. once i order panic and i am satisfied (to say the least) about everything, then they will have my respect. i am not going to just give them my respect from their 5 videos, and what the site is so far.
  17. yeah, that's what i always thought at first BUT here's the thing: i live in europe, in a quite small country, and you can't even get the regular bikes anywhere in the whole country, so even the regular bikes are out of the ordinary, but they are necessary for my magic/flourishing performances because of the quality. so to me it makes absolutely no difference wheather i use the regular bikes or tallys or if i use the ghost, the only ones that stand out are the all black decks. guess that's a little advantage i have, but it does definetely not compensate for the lack of availability of the cards, i mean just try to imagine you can't get bikes in your whole country and there's only one magic store, not even a good one in the whole country!
  18. I may get two, one for use and one to add to my collections, too bad paypal isn't accepted :(

    I really like the look though, gives it a nice gritty feel and pulls you away from the standrad bicycle back design...
  19. Amazing looking cards, as usual, living in New Zealand is going to make it slightly hard for me to buy stuff due to conversion and high shipping.

    Looks like I am going to have to save up
  20. These cards are amazing. The design on the back is If I save up enough, I'm definatly getting one of these for collection, and a few to use. The custom tax + shipping kills :mad:

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