Guardian cards look top notch

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  1. whoever said that they live in another country, where decks of cards are hard to come by.....

    thats for you, for almost everyone else, a deck of Bikes are recognized, as, why not use something ordinary/ easily recognized, then something that looks "special" or that "something is weird" about an object.

    in my shows, i dont say

    now here, take a look at this regular box that has funny pringint on it


    why say "i have a normal/ ordinary deck of cards"

    when all you have to do is pull out a deck of cards, and say "here, shuffle these for me"

    a regular deck will not be questioned as quick to shuffle them, as a special looking deck would be.

    that may not be the best way to put it......but hopefully you guys get the idea
  2. Yeh I am getting 6 tomorrow...They look great. I love the new back design
  3. I can't wait to get my hands on these i'll probaably order 5

    i'm hoping they'll becoem as rare as the black ghost and they look way cooler
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    these cards are so freakin sweet. the court cards are cool and the ace rocks. they handle just like Tally's. im lookin forward to getting mine.
  5. wow! I soo can't wait to get a 12 pack of these cards, and in the future tons more! lol
  6. MUCH better than those other websites:)
  7. These are quite good looking cards to me. Lately I've been wanting to see more mysterious, ancient looking cards, and these hit close to the mark. It makes me feel that Theory11 really knows what they're doing and truly will offer only the best they can. My thanks go out to the artists and everybody else who created these magnificent cards. I know I'll be ordering some of these when I get a chance!

  8. Are the court cards different from the usual bicycle cards? If so can someone provide a link.

    Do you mean that you actually own a deck ?! but then you say you are looking forward to getting yours. I'm confused.
  9. Nope, they're not satanic.

    This is a picture of St. Michael the Archangel. He's known to be the head of all God's Angels. He was the one that God had cast satan out of Heaven, Here's some cool info about him.

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