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  1. Ok, i just got done watching one of the videos and it basically said, fewer amazing tricks is better than a lot of crappy ones. And thats pretty much true. But if i want to go perform on the street what are 3 effects i could master, present, and walk away with my audiences mouths dropped. Heres what i think.

    Stigmata - Hands down, this is my best street reaction getter. Im mastering it and keeping this in my street routine or w/e. Thanks W:H

    ACR - Should i master this one?

    Indecent - I love this trick and its definantly a street trick. But would it be awkward for me to pull out or carry around a bag?

    Coin Bend - I always do an in the hand coin bend. Good reactions.

    Other - Can you guys think of anything else with some amazing reactions?

    So far im thinking about starting with a great ACR, then finishing with Stigmata. Any suggestions?
  2. I would recommend anything of the Bucks. The stuff is genious.
  3. Don't Forget:

    1. Two card Monte

    2. The Biddle Trick

    3. Any color Changing deck effect

    *I know what you are thinking, so they are all simple tricks that were probebly the first ones you learned. I always do thoes tricks at school and on the street, people are just amazed.

    Remember, tricks that aren't amazing for you may be (and when I say may be I mean 99% of the time) amazing for you audiance and don't forget if you are having fun your audiance will two.

    -The Illusionist
  4. I find 2 card monte to be a VERY effective illusion. I'm not exactly the biggest guy out there, so when i do my presentation of 2 Card Monte i like to find a guy that could easily snap me in half. Once thay is complete i'll usually open up with something such as "You look like you've got a really strong grip, BUT is it strong enough to hold on to a simple playing card?". Almost every time i get the biggest of guys thinking they just got overpowered by somebody who can barely bench 90 pounds.

    Another extremely effective illusion that should never be taken for granted is the classic Arm Twisting illusion. Using a David Blaine style performance of it, just today i had my own mother thinking she had to take me to the emergency room. Then i revealed my arm to be in perfect condition after a "paintballing accident" she was still a little scared at the fact i could turn my arm around a full time and a half in an unnatural direction.
  5. Here are ones that I perform all the time:
    1.2 Card Monte-In love with it just amazing gets some of the best reactions
    2.Stigmata-Can't say anything more than best "creepy" trick =p

    There is a lot more but these are basically THE best, you can do your own ACR and add Shapeshifter or Shake Change, but still nothing compares.

  6. I open with a small ACR, until i get people crowding. Then i do stigmata, but with a force, to keep it safe. then i do a two card monte twist (dunno if anyone ever did it) where they they have the two red queens and i have two different colored aces and they switch, as in they have the aces and i have the queens.
    More effective that way. i was once offered 30 bucks to tell them how, but the amazement is better than the money...:D
  7. I say Two Card Monte and any type of transposition. Anything to make your spectators think you have super fast hands.
  8. I am a huge fan of card transpositions or anything along that line. It is almost liek you can do the trick without patter, but patter is always a nice little add-on to keep everythign interesting ;).

    ACR is a great little routine to open up with and get everyone into the magical mood, I don't personally use it but if I had one I would.
  9. Some hard hitting impromptu tricks are:
    > Sinful by Wayne Houchin
    > Stigmata by Wayne Houchin
    > Indecent by Wayne Houchin
    > Ambitious Card Routine (old but effective)
    > Subway by Dan and Dave Buck
    > TiVo 2.0 by Dan and Dave Buck
    > Two Card Monte by David Blaine
    > Kaos by Sean Beard and Daniel Garcia
    > Triumph (classic trick that fries laymen)

    There's a lot more than this but this is enough to get you going...

    For some tricks that require a bit of set up but great effect I recommend:
    > Torn by Daniel Garcia
    > Bone Collectors by Ashford Kneitel
    > Twinsplit Remix by Dan and Dave Buck
    > The Queens by Dan and Dave Buck

    I'm not much of a set-up person - I like the impromptu stuff...
  10. It doesn't matter what the trick is, its how you present and perform it.
  11. That is one of the most important things in card magic...
  12. I do 2 Card Monte

    Then i put the queens into the center of the deck

    Then I do false shuffles to show the 4 aces

    Change those aces into the 4 queens using the For 4 For trick

    Then I put those in the middle of the deck and then do ACR

    Then finish it up with the Omni deck if i have that on me.


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  13. Personally i wouldn't class Queens as a trick that needs a set-up, you can just openly run through the pack and remove them when the spectator is there...
  14. Biddle Trick. Such a simple card trick, but with a few modifications and psychology I have given it, gets me the best reactings. Such an amazing trick
  15. I still can't believe that you guys haven't said 'Here Then There'. I mean, it's not impromptu but this is the effect everyone remember, and you can present it so well, get someone to sit on the card, put it under your shoe or theirs, put it under a glass table. I know it's from Ellusionist (at least, thats where I learnt it), which I know a lot of you guys don't like, and neither do I, but man is it a heart-stopper.
  16. The Queens needs a set up? I have never seen anyone need a setup for the Queens routine.

    Some of my favourite hard hitting effects:

    Edward Marlo & Giobbi - Easy Ace Estimation
    The Bucks - TiVo Transpo
    The Bucks & Earl Nelson - Subway
    Wayne Houchin - Stigmata


    Stein aka. Zt@1n1
  17. Tom Pinston's Card Across
  18. Biddle trick

    A good ACR

    Lee Ashers Twist (so versitle)

    And all the effects being sold on this site

    Jeremy Hanrahan
  19. Along with what's already been said, the following are also great:

    Time is Money by Asi

    Bruised (so many possibilities)


    Serial Killer by Paul Brooks

    Stigmatisms (especially the crying tears of blood)

    Well there's a few
  20. Eddie is exactly right. Though there are some tricks that shouldn't be done. Like the one where all you do is find their card in the deck. Otherwise he's right.

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