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  1. One trick i saw that im going to add to my list is definatly a 2CM. I forgot about those and they are really effective. Sinful is a nice tric also, ill do that if im at a flee market, but im not going to carry a pop around, ill ask someone to buy me one while im doing my acr or something. I was thinking about doing Torn in my street tricks but not now, maybe later. It takes too much croud control, and my angles suck.

    Ill start out with a basic ACR, then maybe the trick where i give them a card and i give me a card and they switch places in our hands, after that 2CM, and ill always finish w/ Stigmata.
  2. i definetely do the queens alot since i learned them, but i have to say stigmata is very good, as well as sinful, and what i can add is something called disintegration (at least that's the name i know the trick by), which has a slight resemblance to stigmata, and it's at least equally powerful. finally i have to say the trick i got BY FAR the best reactions is the mindbender. it is almost impromptu, meaning the setup can be done in about 10secs right in front of the audience without them noticing, and it's soo strong!
  3. Silver Dream by Justin Miller..especially how Justin used the ultrasmoke in the routine

  4. i don't see these on Theory11
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    I have always used a really good routine from my underground book which im not going to tell the title of but its not difficult to find on the internet but anyways heres the title of my routine place portion metal catortion then after that I usually do another effect of mine I call slappin a beezy aint easy all backs froshizzy. If you can find my book you got those to effects and much more .
  6. I don't think people understand that this is under card magic forum which means hard hitting card magic no silver dream thats a f@#%ing coin effect plus is that even that good you need to seriously look at some kainoas stuff justin is just a joke compared to this fool and i know im probably going to be kicked off this website for speaking the truth but thats how i really feel if anybody says any coin trick on this forum im sorry but they have got a defect. peace im out yeeeeeah. oh yeah thizz in peace mac dre you the best and you'll be missed.
  7. yeah... that's why I wrote a bit of set up... it requires you to get all the queens to the top... Yeah I know that's not much but it's still a set up...

    So your queens are always on top? What I meant by "a bit of set up" is that you need, say, a certain stack (for the queens trick) and you can't just borrow a deck and have the queens already on top... Yeah you can do it right in their face with a little bit of patter and misdirection but it is still a set up...

  8. That is why Theory 11 is so cool..you can say whatever you want..do not be sorry!

    Harbottle has some great material..
  9. is that the JUSTIN MILLER from E?
    woo tht guy really dissed you and you said thts why u love t11?
  10. Nonono.
    ACR is one of the best card routines that there is, almost always do it as a closer.
    However, you could do Stigmata so that the chosen card from ACR appears on your arm, that would work I think.

    Any form of bending, whether it is a coin or a fork is always hard hitting, go for it.

    Indecent is a good trick if you're in the situation where you have a bag and have the right space. If not you could be in for some trouble.

    2 Card Monte is always good.
    The Biddle Trick as taught on Born To Perform card magic gets some great reactions.
    Disintegration by Spidey and PL Bergeron is essentially "Ashes on SPECTATORS arm". That's right, an ashes on arm that can be done on the spectator, no stooges or anything (Or so I hear)

    Sinful is a good trick, but so is just about any coin in can/bottle.
  11. Invisible deck

    I know it's a gaffed deck and requires no sleight of hand, but it just gets such a great reaction. I would also recommend Derren Brown's personal card trick creations. Most of his card magic is stellar though he is totally a mentalist now. Also, Tivo 2.0 on the bucks' new DVD is my second all time favorite trick. I've been practicing it for three weeks or so now and finally got it down to where I think I can perform it on the street; all their stuff is incredible.
  12. Subway by Dan and Dave. Pure. Effing. Genius.
  13. Bizarre Twist By Paul Harris is one that gets people shaking their heads.
  14. What we are discussing? Hard hitting effects, impromtu or for street magic?
    Many effects can be hard hitting if perfomed well. And, in my opinion, mental tricks are the most hard hitting.
    Wouldn`t name tricks, mentioned above.
    Subway but with oddcolored back selection, just amazing and genious.
    Hitman Like to show it for hecklers
    Last man standing in the hands triumph.
    No Smoking by Jean-Luc Bertrand. Really fun to do, easy and effective
    ( that`s not a card trick, sorry)
  15. Take them by surprise with Two Card Monte. Continue to impress them with an ACR. Then, overwhelm them with Stigmata.
    Other hard hitting effects I like:
    MindReach- Ellusionist's Inside Magic
    Strange Travelers- Paul Harris (Gimmicked Trick)
    Subway- Dan and Dave Buck
    Any Torn and Restored Effect
  16. Acr

    You stated that you wanted to start your routine with an ACR. I think this is a bad idea. If your first trick is an ACR in later effects you will have a dificult time trying to convince the spectators that you are losing their card in the deck.

    Food for thought.

  17. Thanks, ill master that ACR and finish with it maybe. And ill also chek out Disintegration.
  18. Anything that you can perform FLAWLESSLY. Then spend most of your time constructing a patter that fits your performing style. Make a routine out of the 2-4 tricks. It should all come together nicely. If you need more help, just ask
  19. all ive seen is people naming a bunch of good close up tricks that play well for a few people.. not big crowds.. street magic aint like this.. street magic is for crowds damnit... it must be because you saw david blaine do closeup tricks on the street...

    well guess what, david blain had a camera, and a hit TV show.. he aint a street magician he's a TV magician.. and most of that film goes to waste.. and these guys you see performing on the street selling effects as DVDs on the internet are just that INTERNET MAGICIANS... they don't make way performing on the street.... they make way by tricking young fools into thinking that it's "street magic", and than they sell it to you.

    Egg bag, cups and balls, ball manipulations, wand manipulations, coin manipulation/jumbo coin manipulation.. this is somethings that play for big crowds

    use big objects that play for large crowds 100-200 , even a thousand people, not small tricks that play for 4-5 people... also stay away from Gimmicks, and stuff that takes work to reset.

    and who said do mentalism in your street show?? If you know how the street works you know that mentalism dosn't work for real people on the street for big crowds.. How many people do you know do mentalism on the street in a SHOW?? I knew one person who made it work who happens to be my teacher.. But it eventually stopped working for him.

    Hell get everything all of the books and DVDs by JIM CELLINI --- he is a REAL street performer, and a master.
  20. Ill check that guy out. But a croud of 100+ people is more like a stage performance... not a street performance. Im talking about walking up to a group of 3-5 people or something and showing them some stuff. Thanks.

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