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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by RazorAce, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. He's talking about busking, the 'original' street performing.

    The latest genre, which you are talking about, was popularized by Blaine's TLC special and is very controversial.
  2. Personally, I really don't like Stigmata or Indecent at all. I really like sinful since you can borrow a coin and a can but Stigmata and Indecent are just... Blah to me. I am not really a fan of Wayne Houchin but maybe I'll change my mind if Distortion is as good as it looks.
  3. if you dont mind me asking, what does "they are just blah to me" mean? you dont like the effect, the method, the concept. just wondering
  4. OIC, i like the newer stuff. With the little audience you get to experience each reaction instead of just a bunch of claps. Im still going to look into the big stuff though.

    And for the W:H thing, hes my fav magician. =P

    Stigmata - Blows people away, it can be done w/ a deck of cards, a business card and someones name, or even just by thought. The fact of a number/letter appearing on your arm is amazing. No set up either.

    Indecent - Very good trick and great reactions. No set up either, just the bag and some cards. I dont like how i gotta have a bag to do it though. Still, nice trick.

    Sinful - People always ask me how i do it. Its so convincing and really good. People think they know how its done, but they dont. It can be done w/ all items from your spectator also, which makes this good too.
  5. I think a strong ACR can be one of the most amazing effects. It can be your entire routine anyways, seeing as that is it's title after all. I always get good reactions from my ACR, people just don't believe it. The best part is ending with the bent card or a transposition. I haven't tried it personally, but I think it would be great if you did paperclipped with your ACR. What I mean is, before you perform, hand out the paperclipped card to a spectator to hold on to. Do your ACR, and when you are done, ask for the card back, and go on to reveal it to be their signed card. There are tons of other amazing effects, I'm just a big fan of ACR lately. I don't own Stigmata, but from what I've read I think it is something I will have to buy in the near future. Best of luck!

  6. Ill have to check out that paperclip thing. And yea, you need to get Stigmata. lol, its amazing. Everywhere i go if someone knows me or has heard about me they are like, do the wrist trick.... Im like, an you are?
  7. How come no one has said deja vu?

    I love that effect, it leaves everyone in such a confused state.
  8. I personally get best reaction from Triumph and biddle trick. Of course, there are always couple others, Box Monster - Kranzo got me pretty good reactions, and also Subway - Buck Brothers been giving me nice reactions nowadays.

    But Uberchange - Jay Sankey, priceless reaction. Just priceless.

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