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  1. After extensive research and interviewing, I have found it nearly impossible to find tips on how to become a real live performer with gigs. I found one site, but was unable to dive too deep into it.. This might be the site I need.. but if the solutions don't exist I will create them.

    I hear this a lot.. "Get a good website.", "Perform everywhere.", "Have a good business card."

    But these tips are laughable and all too vague. So, what I set out to do, is create a blog to answer all the worthy questions some magicians must have.

    I haven't had too many shows, but it's always been something I wanted to do.. (Be a full time magician) and I'm taking the reins TODAY.

    Will you grow with me and shine your own light? Or be left in the dark with a puny candle?

  2. So - What you're telling me is that you are not a professional magician, but you are writing a blog advising people how to become a professional magician?
  3. There are TONS of great resources for becoming a full time magician. Some that I would recommend are

    Jamie Grant - The Approach: This covers nearly all aspects of being a full time pro magician. From how much you should charge, how to get gigs, what do do during gigs, how many tricks to have, what to say when approaching tables. Literally anything you can think he covers.

    Selling the Show - Sean Taylor: Covers nearly all aspects of selling your show to people. Etc.
  4. Hey,
    If you are looking for some tips on how to become working pro, I would highly recommend you to go and check out Shimshi's Live lecture!
  5. Also, Rich Ferguson's new Murphys Lecture is Killer. He covers about 2 tricks... Then the rest is just straight up business. He talks numbers, exactly what to do, business plans, marketing, finding your market, etc. Lots of awesome advice!
  6. I am aware of just about all of the links you gave.. I guess I was in a rush and should have mentioned.. "Blogs give out tips that are well below par and outrageously vague."

    But as I've said before on this forum. When the quality information is only given to the elite... (aka people with money..) the whole community suffers.
  7. Can you please elaborate on this statement?...because there is plenty of advice here in the forums from lots of magicians and it "seems" to be free... where did you get charged for advice?... elaborate please...
  8. Steven Brundage- Not a bad blog. However, not exactly what I'm looking for. Back to the drawing board for me.

    Luis Vega- It's a quote from J.J Abrams. I also feel that the true valuable information is for people that must pay for it. I'm trying to change that. I'm not saying I have all the answers.. But I am documenting my progress as I seek the right answers out.

    Thank you for your time.
  9. I think you would have got a better response if you had pitched this blog differently. You said:

    "So, what I set out to do, is create a blog to answer all the worthy questions some magicians must have."

    That sounds as if you already have all the answers.

    Instead, you could have said:

    "So, what I set out to do is create a blog to document my successes and failures in making it as a pro magician and, hopefully, help others through what I learn along the way."

    Do you see the difference?
  10. I do! Thanks TeeDee. I always enjoy your tidbits. Thank you sir.

    But you are correct. Just a tiny misstep. I will proceed.

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