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Help to improve cardisty videos


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Dec 3, 2012
Hi guys I need help to improve my cardisty videos, I could really use some advice about it, tell me how do you make your videos. I have camera it isn't anything special and I have a tripod, I tried to make videos but they're not good, I always go out of camera view or the background is distracting or something else that makes the video look bad. What should I do?
Sep 1, 2007
Well, there's always this. (hint hint, shameless self-promotion)

It sounds to me like you're not rehearsing or putting any thought into the pre-production. There's a joke that most B-movies are created because someone with a film camera said, "We have flashlights and a dark space; let's make a movie!" You appear to be taking that approach. Other than that, read the linked thread and see if it helps any.
Aug 31, 2007
I would agree with Steerpike here, however sometimes not having a vision and just filming can result in good stuff. After all, isn't that how most Documentaries are made? ;)

Having a vision and an idea can be great, but I think the best thing that will help you here, as noted in Steerpike's thread, is to have an eye for cinematography. That will improve your videos immensely. Don't just plop a tripod anywhere - find a location that looks visually interesting on camera, then start shooting.

Some of my favorite videos I've made, or at least the ones I'm personally most proud of, have come from me just picking up a camera and a deck, and randomly travelling across LA, or my school campus, and shooting where I think looks cool. Didn't have a specific idea, just shot in places I though looked interesting, and then in the editing room it all came into something I really liked.

Lastly, one piece of advice I think is vital from Tobias Levin, is to always be making videos. Even if you don't love it, post it. The more videos you make, the quicker you get better. So keep being persistant, and good luck :)
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