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    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to ask a favor from you all, If I may. Starting off I know that some or maybe all of you have differing opinions regarding Rudy Coby, I know those lecture notes didn't come to fruition, that's fine and all, I really don't mind now that they never came through, alas that's beside the point.

    Take a look at his twitter when you have the time, his mom apparently is in the hospital and hes having a tough time dealing with all of this. Could you all just offer him your support or an encouraging word, prayers perhaps? Even though I don't personally know him and we have never met in person, although have come close, the timing just wasn't right. I do truly believe that he is one of the good hearted souls in the magic community. I'm just trying to spread the warm fuzzy positive vibes, that's all.

  2. Hello Ashley...

    It could help a lot... if you could provide a link to his twitter account.... or something...
  3. Hey Luis! here is the link to his twitter tracker:

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