Hey everyone... I'm new!

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Nov 16, 2008
In the not to distant future
Oh Dear,

Asking for tutorials for pressure lmfao

If you wanna be a magician then you seriously need to sort yourself out you cant just go on a forum asking for people to post tutorials on youtube.

Your like a little kid thats wants to know how to do everything and dont care if they can perform it. Then they go make crap videos on youtube because they think their cool. Totaly runing effects.

I can just see you learning pressure then making a video on youtube and totaly ruining it.

actually, the problem has been solved.
Jun 2, 2008
By the way your ammount of double posts crissangel is really bad. If you want to quote multiple peoples posts then take time to put them all on one post.

Anyway most magicians start out like you. Wanting to learn everything, watching criss angel 24/7 lol but soon youll start to understand that its not all about knowing the secrets to tricks, its about performing the ones you can do, welll. I was a bit like you once.
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