Hey everyone... I'm new!

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Sep 1, 2007
I agree with Flyspazz. I liked what Criss Angel did and I also want to do it. He entertained me and I want to entertain others as well.

my point was for you to understand why you wanted to perform magic, he said you just wanted to do what CA did, but I wanted detail, like why. Why do you like what he did so much? It's deeper than "i want to be cool" I hope, I wanted you to realize that CA is just a gateway into what you might find a hobby that could become a career.

I found out through magic that I LOVE to perform, I had never been on stage (not seriously I mean) but I realized that I love acting, I love doing drama and comedy, being on stage in front of an audience. But I also found out that I love people, no matter where your from or what language you speak, amazement is an emotion we all share. No matter how different you feel about other people.

Magic for me was huge, but it took time for me to realize these things, I was just trying to get you started in the right path.

Nov 23, 2007
my point was for you to understand why you wanted to perform magic, he said you just wanted to do what CA did, but I wanted detail, like why. Why do you like what he did so much? It's deeper than "i want to be cool" I hope,
Your correct but sometimes its hard to identify why when you start out, heck its hard even when you've been at it a while. Thats why I rephrased to make it more simple for him.

Originally Posted by Crissangelfan123
I just checked my phonebook. There are 3 of them.
You lucky Angel.
My closest is 1 at a 2hour drive. Anyway, I might suggest checking them out. Go with no money at first. Tell them your situation and see how helpful they are and what direction they point you in. Most places are very helpful but some will just take your money and try pushing sales on you. From there you'll get some ideas and see where you want to be heading.
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May 31, 2008
Get a book called, "Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic." It has everything, cards, coins, hankercheifs, ropes, stage illusions, spongeballs, mentalism...The book is literally three inches thick! (exaggeration)

Edit: Looks like Steerpike beat me to that recommendation. Get it. Now. I don't care if you're on the toilet or in the tub, just go to a bookstore and get it. Thank you.

Royal Road to card magic is good, but you should look into more general magic first. If you like the card tricks* that are in it then you should get Royal Road. If you like the coin magic you should get a book called, "Bobo's Guide to Modern Coin Magic."

Ellusionist and Theory 11 are good after you've learned a lot of tricks. I don't recommend buying single trick DVDs and books when first starting out, but they're good later.

If you're like me and you only learn from books very reluctantly (I don't understand written instructions well at all) then you should check out a DVD called, "How to do Street Magic," it's on Ellusionist.

By the way, check out this review I wrote of Criss Angel's stage show"


*I believe that the politically correct term is effect.
Oct 28, 2007
Sydney Australia
Yep this guy has caught on :p

Here are a few of my tips for beginners because I was (maybe still) a beginner.

-Magicians dislikes piracy of material, and watching free tutorials is considered unethical and immoral. Stay away from stuff like learnfreemagic.org etc

-Lol funnily enough a vast majority of magicians dislikes Criss Angel for the way he performs his magic (lots of camera tricks and fake stooges)

-Magic takes time. Read some beginner books, as some people has already recommended. Some good sites for beginners:

* Penguinmagic.com

-Learn, practice, practice, practice and perform.
Sep 1, 2007
Again, just glad we got to you before the rest of the forum did. You narrowly avoided stepping on a few tripwires. You'll be fine, just keep your ear to the ground so you know who here is the real deal and who's a just a blowhard.
Aug 18, 2008
Just change your user name.



Dont change your username...
If you really like Criss Angel, thats fine.
If he got you interested in magic, then I guess he finally did something right. Most people on this site will give you crap for your screen name, just ignore it.
Jun 2, 2008
Oh Dear,

Asking for tutorials for pressure lmfao

If you wanna be a magician then you seriously need to sort yourself out you cant just go on a forum asking for people to post tutorials on youtube.

Your like a little kid thats wants to know how to do everything and dont care if they can perform it. Then they go make crap videos on youtube because they think their cool. Totaly runing effects.

I can just see you learning pressure then making a video on youtube and totaly ruining it.
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