Hey I am 16 and I am putting out Lecture notes and a DVD...Cool huh?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justin Miller, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. Some will take this seriously and others will not..

    The avarage age group in which people have been putting stuff out there is between those ages. Before that age group has not been a problem...maybe becuase there is still a desire to JUST perform tricks for people and not to TRY and get famous or make money...mmmm

    Justin N. Miller
  2. Once again if you read above you would see that there are EXCEPTIONS to the rule... Joshua is one of them and a very dear friend. I was with Joshua as he and I were growing up in magic!
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    EDIT:: Its all good.
    thanks justin
  4. Mr Miller:

    The main point of my post wasn't Mr. Jay. I was simply stating another exception to the rule.

    I hope you will coment on whatever comes after the first sentence of my previous post.

    - harapan. magic!

  5. Calvin bro,
    I really struggled with this idea of not using your name and I even Called Danny to ask him what he thought. In the long run I decided to use it to show your mistakes but to ultimately show your great understanding of this at your age and the fact you took everything down and regretted what you did..that shows volumes bro..just for the record i do not AGREE with EVERYTHING peter said. You are going to go far bro, because you have attained something that Most of these other guys your age will never attain. Do not get defensive on this matter..you have come out of this like a champ..you should be very proud in the decision you have made..it was the best one.

    And for you to say you might NEVER come out with something..dude shush!

    listen TO ME VERY CLOSELY you have what it takes to make it I have told you that over and over..just let it play out and you will see.

    I really do care about you that is why I wrote this..for you!

    Justin N. Miller

  6. Yeah dude i get ya, thanks.
    Misunderstood your post a little i guess.
    I just dont know if im the best example, as i never did it for fame, but
    since i am in that age group, and i did realease some meterial, i understand what u mean.
    But thanks man, ill take your advice and keep working at my stuff,
    Nice talking to ya again.

    Calvin Lauber
  7. Justin: your point about pride is well taken. As shown by some of the responses, people can quickly take offense to someone pointing out that a certain maturity is needed to involve oneself in certain aspects of our art. I do not mean years, as you obviously used a range as a representation of a period where growth is supposed to be happening. I mean real world experience. Maybe five, maybe ten years. Of working hard and taking your licks. There will be nights were everything goes swell. There will be other nights when everything goes wrong, and you feel like never showing your face at that particular establishment ever again. People need to understand that J.M. is not taking a stab at your age. That is not the point, the point is experience. Yes, many of us may be talented. And we may practice until the wee hours of the night, until we see ourselves in mirrors, cameras and in front of loved ones doing a trick flawlessly. Then we go out, and as mentioned above we get the drunken idiot that starts by saying "oh yeah, i've seen this one before" and continues by informing everyone about how he saw you control the card to the top, or put it down on the table, or ever better: "yeah yeah, I can tell you're holding two cards." What do you do then? we may have lines practiced to say to this kind of people. We may know exactly what to do. But how does it feel? it is different every time. And the things they say may be harsher every time. You won't always get someone who says: "you need to work on that man", you may get the dude that straight up tells you: "that kind of sucked man, my little brother does that trick and your version is garbage." And yeah, we can all say that we know how to deal with it, how to take it, but if you have so much pride about somebody telling us that we need experience (and damn that is valuable advise) how are we not going to have pride about what we do and perhaps be personally offended when someone does not appreciate it? well, we find out how to manage with experience. Yeah one person may say something and you deal with it with professionalism. But what about 3 people, or 7 or 10? Lets get out there, lets practice and perform, but all Justin was saying is this: it takes time (for most of us, baring the exceptions) for us to be masters of every aspect of our art: slights, patter, audience management, set ups, control over nerves, energy charisma, etc. There are many components, and some of those components can only be practiced by performing. You know how you practiced that dl for hours before showing it to anyone? We have to "practice" performing in front of different audiences the same amount of time if not more for us to gain the experience needed to master our art.

    Juan M.
  8. bravo to justin for saying somthing that needs to be said by someone who is well respected.

    calvin id thank justin for bring your name up, after reading the review in magic mag, i would have all but blacklisted anything you ever did, as the claims you made with no research or experience were not good.... that said justins post show you learned from your mistake and that means ALOT.

    guys the truth hurts, but thats just what it is
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  10. That was pretty funny (was it?); But I guess you should realize that Mr. Miller didn't write the whole thread just to say "11-21 can't release lecture notes", but rather he was saying that 11-21 is the group of people, who generally seem to lack of experience in order to release any lecture notes or dvd. Again, there is some exceptions to that. But we are talking about "generally", ok?

    True, even a 22, 35 or 40 years old guy may not have enough experience in magic either.

    But imagine, if you are 22, 35 or 40 years old, will you just go release a friggin' lecture notes or a dvd on things that is not even new?

    Well, no.
    And that's because you know that these stuff might have been invented way before you 've thought about it! And being 22, 35 or 40, you tend to realize it easier than the people at 11-21 (again, generally.)

    In my opinion, to create a new effect in magic, one really needs to read and watch alot of magics in order to know what 've been done and what has not been done. And now, THAT is called EXPERIENCES.
  11. I respect your opinion as a professional, I am only 17.

    Just getting some key statements out of the way early. I really wish you would have approached this "warning" a little better. In order for the future of art to flourish, you need to nurture it. Constructive crticism is ok, but the way you put it is borderline bashing a whole age group. I suppose I am slightly biased since I am part of the age group but everyone who isn't part of it is slightly biased the other direction. Just like in any art, if you shut down the next generation with too much "constructive criticism" the art will not emerge as strongly the next generation. I personally both understand and agree (not entirely, but for the most part) with what you said, but others may not understand and may take offense to the way you put it. So if you don't have a problem taking advice from someone my age, please consider what I said.

    As for your message: I am pretty much on par with the rest of the thread. people that agegroup generally shouldn't release material at that point, with few exceptions. If something is truly, truly groundbreaking, who cares what age the creator was?

  12. i respect you guys are young but in the real world outside of school, people don;t polish words and thougths to spare your feelings. if justin said anyl ess then he did, that would only be another disservice to you.
  13. Ya, you are right, people don't sugar coat stuff in the real world, and alot underage people know that. Alot of the older generation is too thick headed to talk to underage kids like human beings, but you don't see any generalizations about the older generation here. Alot of kids are inexperienced but all I am saying is he left out the other side. There are alot of inexpereinced older magiacians out there.
  14. that is very true, im 25 and inexpereinced. the fact of the matter is however the younger folks tend to be the quickest to do these things. i think this is partly older folks have more responsabilitys to family work ect ect and don;t put time into things unless they see a real value in it. on the flip side younger folks have less inhibitions and high drive, that can be a good thing but it can also get one into trouble.
  15. I agree with the post but disagree. ehh. I could take it as bad and think Justin is a douche bag from now on or stick up for him while he's dissing everyone in a certain age group. Idk.
  16. Even though I don't like Justin Miller's stuff I am totally with him in this idea. Because kids think they are worth more than they really are (which is most of the times not much) is why are community looks they way it looks right now. People that ARE worth more than average are smart enough to realise it's not enough. all those kids needed this lil whack to bring em back to reality. I'm pretty much sick of seeing kids who sat and thought one day about how to make money easily reaching the conclusion that the best way to do it is release a crappy magic DVD with absolutely no quality stuff in it.

    -Someone Who Is Mentally Challanged
  17. I do believe I said, some people may not understand and take offense to the way you said it.

    Case in point, the above comment.

  18. That's ok..I am not trying to make friends here but to tell the truth.

    Justin N. Miller
  19. Lol i just don't have opinion about it. I could care less what he says. It's understandable that he saying what he said but I really don't care what he thinks. What I ment is that it really shouldn't matter what someone says about a certain age group when it comes to magic because it's usually not true. Sometimes it is. Only on a good day.
  20. *Applaudes*

    I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears. When people are willing to LEARN from this craft, rather than EARN from this craft, the scene will be all for the better.

    I'm glad someone had the balls to say this. It was well needed.


    P.S. If I were you Jussie, I'd cross-post this through as many forums as I could. Spread the word man!
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