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  1. aren't you one of the guys that bought a 100 dollar book for some cute demon stories and a grip that was use about 6 years ago (by Bone, lol ironi)

    anyway, I totaly agree with you here, i just wish you could take that further and see that the virts or t11 are just noobies in the hype bull**** marketing compared to *some other card website...*

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    I find that this post pretty much sums up the whole DVD. Its all hype. Watch the new video of Bone or Daren using the "NEW" techinique for higher anacondas. its EXACTLY the same as the video tutorial released a few years ago. And the Eye Cut? If you really care about it, or any move for that matter, you can learn it from Bone's performance. Virts are over hyping this and I personally wouldnt pay any more than about 10$ for this DVD.

    EOPCF is where its at.

    @ Dimitri- Its true, Trash and many other people did buy those books but there are many good reasons for doing so.

    1- DC and motions, even the piano routine are VERY expandable concepts, unlike an anaconda dribble. Seriously, what can you do with it? nothing but the dribble. And the eye cut? Add a pupil and you've perfected the move and its one variation.

    2- Wait 10 years. You could probably sell the secret books for upwards of 500$. the anaconda dvd? Probably not much. You know why? because everyone can already do these moves!!!!!!!!!! The techinique will be burnt out if not obsolete by that time. Only 100 secret books were sold, so as a result only a hundred (maybe a few more or less, give or take) will be performing these concepts. And alot of the HL members will only use them live, and not expose them online so as to preserve their underground nature. Secret books is a much better investment.

    And yes I have read the secret books so I know what I am talking about.
  3. Alright I said I wouldn't post again, but I feel obligated considering what I have read.

    UnknownMagician93- This is gonna sound like a knock on you but its not. I'm trying to help you out.

    STOP acting like you know what your talking about. Theres nothing worse than a new guy who keep spewing posts when he should be spending all that time practicing. Its not even that. Just shut up and READ. Go to deckniuqe and READ. Don't POST. you should be learning as much as you can right now. I'll be honest when I was reading this thread I saw trashman and dimitri arguing, and I thought "Ok, these guys have been around a while, they know what their talking about" Then I see your name, and I think to myself "Who the hell is UnknownMagician93?" You've been here for only a couple months. I really think you should just sit back and learn as much as you can. Again, I'm legit just trying to help.

  4. Okay I agree, but what was ill-legitimate about my post?
  5. Posted by Trashmanf

    Trashmanf, I understand where you're coming from, but I have to add to that... You're right, it doesn't have to be, but it can be. Why make something harder than it needs to be? The Virts proved the point that it doesn't just take "practice". It takes knowledge and understanding of what you're trying to accomplish combined with the work ethic and practice to back it up. Simply practicing and practicing a move you have no concept of, while you keep banging your head against the wall expecting results that aren't coming doesn't do you any good. You're right about every ultra-simple little cut, but the anaconda and eye cut are not ultra-simple little cut. Jerry and De'vo would call these "impact moves", which take knowledge and understanding and practice to master.



    The Anaconda and Eye-Cut don't need to be expandable concepts, they are awesome impact moves on their own. I personally don't find every variation of the Sybil interesting, although there is an infinite combination of these. Just because something could be an expandable concept doesn't mean it's a more valuable move. The Anaconda, IMO, is more valuable than 1,000 2-handed cut variations. The Anaconda is a very unique concept, and anyone who masters it will have a huge advantage. When the Anaconda is performed it looks like a trick deck. I really can't say that about other flourishes. The Anaconda is going to be limited as well, not as limited as the Secret Books, but still limited. How many people will actually master the moves? Who knows... but I think you're highly over-valuing the secret books worth in 10 years. Why would a book be worth so much when noone even knows what's it in? Why would you purchase something in which you don't even know what is contained for so much money?

    In 10 years it might be worth $500 because of inflation. You'll be able to trade your secret book for a deck of cards. De'vo also released an extra 50 copies, so there are more than 100. Would I like a copy? Certainly, but for $100?? Like trashmanf said, you coud buy material already out there and come up with stuff on your own.

  6. The secret books arent limited by any stretch of the mind. Soemthing like DC is very expandable. In fact, DC is how Bone created the Eye cut. De'vo himself created an entire routine off of this single move. I understand what you are saying about anaconda being more valuable than a gazillion sybils and I totally agree. But more valuable than everything inside the secret book? I think not.
  7. When I said that the secret books were limited, I meant limited to 150 copies....when I said the Anaconda is limited, I meant in terms of copies. Obviously there are more copies of Anaconda on the market than the secret books. Yes, I'm certain there are tons of expandable concepts in the secret book, but is it worth it?
  8. At least they've actually posted videos... -.-
  9. Well that's vol. 2 of the secret books. Vol.1 had only 100 copies made. There was also once a secret book on ebay and it went to about 200 dollars before it got token of ebay.
  10. This depends. To someone like trashmanf and my self (hopefully in a year or so) who prefer XCM this book is a treasure chest, and depending on HOW into XCM you are (job doing it maybe? like M') this book is well worth 100$.

    But, on the flipside, someone like Garry A. or Daniel Madison probably wouldnt find a whole lot in this book.
  11. it'd be lovely to close this.
  12. Just to chime in here, a good friend of mine uses the material and concepts a lot, including in a recent gig, to great success. Out of interest I've browsed his copy of the book and though I no longer flourish with any seriousness, I did get the impression that there were a lot of very workable concepts (the piano in particular appealed to me as a piano player).

    Compared to the number of people I know who already know the Anaconda and perform it perfectly (about half a dozen) but who can't do anything other than make an impressive Anaconda, it certainly comes up short.

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