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  1. I've gotten 3 no rewards in a row. I hope thats just bad luck because it is getting really annoying.
  2. thats exactly how i feel
  3. for those who can afford it........there are many 1$ items on the wire.....each purchase gets u a token right? buy 5 1$ items from the wire and get 5 tokens :)
  4. How do you redeem those tokens?
  5. I've gotten 250 elite points twice, 50 elite points 3 times, no reward 3 times, spin again, 2 more spins.
  6. Guys i have purchase A red Monarchs deck and i did not get any Token... i need like claim them or somthin??
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    Where to look how many elite points we have??
    Edit- got it
  8. The wheel thing is quite frustrating, actually. 16 places you can land on, only one of them is a "no reward" and I keep falling in that one!
  9. 5th try 50 points
  10. Sorry to hear some are having bad luck with the wheel. It is frustrating when you think it's going to stop and you land on the 50 elite points or No reward.

    Yesterday was my first time spinning the wheel with my free spin and it landed on the "2 more spins" twice. All I got was elite points.

    Today's free spin got me No Reward.

    Then minutes later I got my email that my order shipped and I got 8 more tokens. Again only elite points, a spin again, and 1 out of the 8 spins was No Reward.

    I hope I get some better luck tomorrow and get some decks :)
  11. I got the exact same thing as you, Kaan. 4 spins, 3 x 100 pts and 1x 50 pts.
  12. 50 points this time
  13. what abut the free downloads on the wire?
  14. If only won elite points but, then I was able to use those points to buy some of the more expensive videos I wanted on the Wire so it's all good. (^____________^)
  15. No tokens on the free download. You get your token with an order confirmation email. Free download don't send order confirmation emails. It would be really unfair to T11 if free videos gave out tokens.
  16. I wonder if what time you spin affects what you get. I got 3 no rewards around 8:30 pm for 3 days then at about 9:30 the next day I spun the wheel and got 100 elite points and then it happened at the same time today. This is just something I have observed. I am probably wrong I just want see if it happens to everyone else?
  17. I got 3 spin agains and two days ago I won a Red JAQK deck.
  18. well I have seen many ppl criticizing the wheel....well here are some points to notice...I think t11 is the only website thats giving everyone a chance at the holiday giveaways by giving away 1 entry per day free.... Even if we are getting 50 elite points i think if we spin the wheel everyday till 30th dec we'll end up with enough points to purchase a couple of tricks from the wire.

    Its a win wn situation for everyone

    If any member of the t11 is reading this I would like to thank you guys for giving away free tokens for the wheel and hope that you guys always continue to have contests with free entries for everyone
  19. another 50 for me :)
  20. Hey man, i dont know if you have figured it out yet, but i thought i should let you know anyways. You have to click the link in your email to get the spin. Cheers man, have a great day.

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