How Do I Get this "Pop" Out Of My Cards

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CorbinB, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Hi guys I seem to get this problem all the time...I get this pop in my cards and then they are harder to shuffle, spring and cardini...I think its probably from me springing too much in one direction...or maybe they just warped from my pockets (I have no card clip or assassins pouch) Either way I need some tips on how to prevent this and get rid of it...I fixed my centurions by doing some springs in the opposite direction of the pop but ive been springing my mirrors for like 10 minutes with no success. Please help
  2. I have seen threads on the "Click Bend" and have experienced it myself many times. As far as I know, you just have to let it work itself out... I don't think there is anything that you can do except for playing with the cards.
  3. i put a piece of plywood on top of my deck and then a heavy weight on top of the plywood. worked great, it was a cheap card press replacement.
  4. It's actually from humidity. Prevent it by always keeping you cards in the box when not in use. Don't take the plastic rapper off till you actually use them. If you play with the cards long enough it will usually work itself out.
  5. Did u put the ply wood on the side with or without the pop?
  6. I had this problem with my Split Spades, I sat there for half an hour springing, pressure fans, etc with no success. I decided I'd try the fridge trick and surprisingly it worked. I ribbon spread them in my fridge and left them there over night, in the morning they were as good as new.
  7. It's the humidityand heat for a warm place or your pocket, I once went to the beach with my family and left my cards in the car pocket by the window for hours, I got them and they were soo bent they were wrecked. Put them in a dry cool place. The fridge or freezer is a great idea, though I have never tried., Wish the best.
  8. I put my deck in between two books on my bookshelf, making sure it is a nice tight fit. Within a day or two that "pop" is gone.

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