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How do you answer...

Feb 8, 2009
i only remember that people asked me this once and i answered i dont remember.
ill continue answering like that because if ill answer like - "someone tought me" in will make them underestimate the flourish wich i worked hard on.
but in te same time i dont want to answer "from a dvd" as i dont want poeple to think im sitting in front of a dvd to learn flourished so i think i dont remember its the best answer for the situation.
What i do

See when people ask me "How do you learn that" i am honest with them to a certain point. I tell them that some effects i just think of "which i have made about 3 routines" and then ill tell them i learned from more advanced magicians through a "private" lesson. This way im not lying but in the same sence im not telling the whole truth also. Normally when i do this they really don't think nothing of it and just say man i wish i could do that.
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