How do you feel about theory11 cards?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Divinejames, Nov 22, 2018.

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  1. I discovered "high quality" playing cards made by the Las Vegas company theory11. Does anyone have any? If so, are they worth it?
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  2. I think that over a third of my collection of playing card decks is Theory11 decks.
  3. My most expensive few decks would still be the Theory11 decks. They are durable, and give a true lasting and premium feel to it.
  4. I love Theory11 decks.. I love all decks in general. The only thing I don't like is what i consider a bait and switch where the tuck box is gorgeous and the back design on the card is a simplified version of it.

    Take the Black Hudson deck for example: gorgeous box, foiled etc but then the card's back is a greyscale version of the box. Not all cards do this.

    Shin Lim's Regalia cards are the same as the box.

    I don't mind paying a premium price at all, but I would like those decks to be "premium" throughout.
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  5. $10 isn't all that premium of a price, though. For an elaborate tuck box and a custom printing, that's about the right price.

    I would rather the decks be $12.95 or 14.95 and have multi-color backs.
  6. Bait and Switch would be getting photos of only the box, being led to believe that the cards matched, and then getting something different inside.

    We show you exactly what the cards inside the box look like for every single deck. We do not believe that we have to be held to the idea that the box must match the back of the tuck case. It can, and that is fine, but why MUST it? Saying it must applies an artificial limitation on to what can be created.

    We have a different design philosophy than most. We want our playing cards to be absolutely stunning when they are sitting on your shelf. They are. We also want them to be completely and totally usable and distraction free when you pull them out to play poker or to do a magic trick. Look at the original Monarch deck. Blue and white background. It is our best selling deck of all time, and one of the best selling decks in the world behind the old standards like Bikes, Bees, and Tally Hos (which all also use simple, distraction free back designs).

    Should the world be limited to cards like ours? Of course not. There are places for all sorts of designs in this world. My single favorite deck on this planet is a custom made deck with a photo of my wife and I on our wedding day as the back design. In general, I greatly dislike photo decks, but that one is personal to me. There is room out there for bright and obnoxiously colored decks. There is room out there for intricate, multicolor designs.

    We have our niche, and there is a reason for it. Like them if you like them. Like other decks out there if you like other decks. That said, just because the design is intentionally simple doesn't mean that the deck isn't "'premium' throughout", and it absolutely is not a matter of bait and switch.

    // L
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  7. Deryn, Theory11 offers several decks that have multi-color backs.

    Citizens (my all-time favorite deck in my collection)
    Animal Kingdom
    Medallions (2nd edition)
    Artisans Black Edition
  8. My opinion and I’m allowed to have it. My point is that if we are going to spend so much time developing, designing, proofing and printing cards, why not slap a $20 price tag on it and make them identical to the box. Perhaps bait and switch was not the correct terminology. In my opinion, it is kind of a let down
  9. Yep, you absolutely can have and share your opinion. My point was that we have a specific reason for our designs, and just because our designs don't fall into the top spot in your opinion doesn't remotely mean that they can be classified as bait and switch - particularly when you can see the back design of every deck when you order. Bait and switch is an unethical marketing trick. That is not what our cards are in any way, shape, or form.

    If "I LOVE THEORY11 DECKS!" was the only viable opinion, there would not be hundreds of other card manufacturers out there.

    Why not? I'll tell you why we don't.

    1. We don't want to charge people $20 for a deck of cards.
    2. We don't want to design cards like that, because that doesn't follow our design philosophy.

    Other companies are welcome to do just that. I see lots of decks for over $20 ea, and lots of decks where the back matches the tuck back exactly, or that use more colors. More power to them.

    Fair enough.

    Out of curiosity on my end, what do you do with your cards? Collector? Magician? Cardist? Poker player? Some combination of these? Something else? It is interesting to see who appreciates which design details based on their background. Magicians don't typically appreciate the same think poker players do, etc.

    // L
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  10. I have many many decks...none are better than my theory 11. The tuck case are allways beautiful, and the backs are allways beautiful.....but never has a tuck case claimed to be a backer. I have never been disappointed with anything T11 has sold me.
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  11. I love Theory11 decks. They are my all time favorite card company. Legit anytime theory11 releases a new deck I’ll buy at least 3. For example the new NOCs I got 4. Didn’t really like them that much but still got them to support Theory11 and Alex Pandrea. I am A collector/magician/poker player/cardist(bad one). I’m proud to say That in my collection I have over 100 Theory11 decks. I love Them because they look good and feel great. They are good for magic/poker and collecting. I dont Know about cardistry though. With no disrespect I do belive The back designs could be just a little better. The box is great but the cards are good. I’m not saying every deck should be gold foiled or be yellow and pink. I think They should just make there decks with different shades of a color. I belive Sometimes the design could get lost if it doesn’t. Overall no matter what Theory11 decides to come out with next, I can say I will be buying 3 once again. Not because of the design but rather because Theory11 made it. It’s the least I can do for a company that changed my life. #theory11forlife :)
  12. My point is that I'd rather them be through and through. That should tell you how much appreciation goes. It won't stop me from purchasing theory11 decks or any deck for that matter. I'm a performer first and a collector at a close second. To see these things on display in my spare bedroom is always a good feeling. Do I break them open? Sometimes. Do I perform with them? Not all the time because there are $2 decks that perform well enough for everyday use.
  13. Maybe English isn't your first language but in American English "bait and switch" means an intentional deception. As in, you're accusing Theory11 of intentionally misrepresenting their products.

    This has nothing to do with whether you're allowed to have and express your opinion.

    Obviously Lyle is going to take exception with someone trying to claim that Theory11 is using "bait and switch" marketing tactics.
  14. The fact that you think it comes down to English being a factor says more about you than your post. I've already said that perhaps it wasn't the correct terminology. I said what I said, you guys have your opinions as do I. I'm not gonna apologize for it as I've acknowledged my terminology.

    I do know that I know what I like and I know what I wish for. Doesnt mean you guys will or have to comply.

    I've been a theory11 member/fan/whatever since it's beginning. Never once have I complained about anything and this is no different.

    But you guys want to continue bashing me for a preference then go ahead. We live in an oversensitive world anyway. I expect no less from the internet.
  15. No bashing here! We are squared away on the "Bait and Switch" issue. Wasn't the best or most accurate statement, as you have acknowledged. It is done and behind us.

    You opinion is your opinion. We all have our own, and we are all allowed to share our own. That is all Peter and Mike did. Zeede tried to back me up on the "Bait and Switch" issue, though we were pretty much past that at the time. No need to defend your opinion here, just as there is ZERO reason for anyone else here to attack you for it.

    I appreciate your feedback on our designs. I don't share your opinion, but that doesn't mean that it isn't helpful for me to know it.

    Thank you!

    // L
  16. I was married to a foreigner for almost a decade and both of my parents are immigrants, so there have been many times where I heard people unintentionally insult someone because English isn't their first language. They simply didn't know the nuance of what they we're saying or they were using a colloquial phrase incorrectly.

    That's what I assumed was going on here, but apparently I was wrong. ;)
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  17. Also I think you completely missed the part where I totally agreed with your opinion/preference about the card backs matching the tuck box.

    Nobody is bashing you for having or expressing your opinion. My beef was how you were expressing it, because in my book accusing someone of a bait and switch is a pretty serious thing. I can't speak for everyone else, but I'd hazard a guess that's why you got such a strong response and why it felt like you were being "bashed on".

    If you felt like I was getting on your case then I apologize!
  18. Not that it's any of your business, but my parents were refugees from another country that came to America with the help of our government. My sister and I were the first and only one to learn to speak proper English. I'm a natural born citizen I guess my beef is at how you came across as well. Water under the bridge. Next topic
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