How do you feel about theory11 cards?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Divinejames, Nov 22, 2018.

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  1. I have a few T11 decks, they are amaizing, but depending on what you wanna do with them, some decks might be better. I do a lot of cardistry and when I am trying to get to a new move, I use Bicycle Decks because the are cheaper so I will not feel awful if I drop them, when I am training moves I already know and want to make them look good I usually use a Virtuoso deck.
    When I am performing card magic, I use more often a T11 deck.
    But as for cardistry, I stick to Virtuoso decks because they feel a lot better than the T11 decks, even if T11 decks look really good.
  2. Theory11 has a diverse collection of decks available with new decks produced regularly. I can always count on superior quality at great prices.
  3. I like Theory 11 playing cards. I love the Monarchs the most because they have a classic back design and they feel good in the hands which adds some prestige to your magic, plus they are used in both of the Now You See Me films.

    However, here is my criticism. The recent decks that have been produced seem too similar to one another as far as they all have foiled tuck boxes and having custom courts. Back in Theory 11's early years there was the Guardians and the Archangels which were very popular and they didn't need nice intricate boxes or custom courts compared to the newer decks. I love the revolutions Theory 11 has made which has produced the decks we all know and love such as Monarchs, Medallions, Artisans, etc. I would like to see a new deck that could have a simple yet memorable back design with at least Bicycle Standard handling quality for possibly a cheaper price just like the earlier decks.
  5. I love the new Navigator deck which is a departure. The handling is exquisite. Also, Charity Water has a clean back design and custom ace of spades. It handles fantastic! It works for cardistry, magic (great for color changes,) springs, faro’s easily right out of the box, it is awesome and all of the proceeds go to charity.

    Theory11 sells the Bee Club Special decks and it’s hard to beat the price. They are a durable practice deck; faro well, fan and spread beautifully. I use them for playing around. I like the borderless back design too.
  6. I think most theory 11 cards feel great and look good by the ornate designs sometimes feel repetitive. I personally like simplicity in my decks.
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