How to make a magician mad in 4 words.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 010rusty, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. True. I hear this a lot.
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  2. 'Now do the trick'

    After someone has performed. :cool:
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  3. Go read a book.
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  4. That is already published.
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  5. *finishes trick*

    "I've figured it out!"
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  6. "I forgot my card."
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  7. Using a oneway forcing deck.

    "That's not my card."
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  8. Oh that's the worst. Or when you force them a 5 of hearts and they insist it was the 5 of diamonds. Ugh
  9. "How'd you do that?"
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  10. Don't actually mind that one tbh.
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  11. " saw what you did " haha
  12. Not really 4 words, but 4 parts-ish:

    Forums > General > General Discussion > Is YouTube Exposure Bad?

  13. OH MY GOD!!!!!! YOU WIN THE ENTIRE INTERNET!!!!! That is the best thing ever stayed!!!!!!
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  14. A Shuffled invisible deck
  15. magic is not real
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  16. Man, that made me cringe so bad.
  17. TnR with Gold Monarchs
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  18. You're like Chriss Angel
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  19. Watch my pass bro.
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  20. Can I please Shuffle?
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