I got this new deck and just thinking...

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  1. that's becuase you don't fan much, a good analogy would be, put a random person in a brand new honda and they'll be like "this corners pretty good", but then give one to a trained race track driver and he'll be like "this sucks!"

    if you keep with the art and learn to fan good, you will start to realize why wynns (and other rough cards) suck really bad. as a n00b you think any round-shaped spread is kind of cool looking (which is true) but once you start actually trying to make good fans, seeing an uneven fan just ONE mistake, can look reaaaaaalllly ugly, man nothing is like a perfectly formed fan, they're so hot, once you make a couple you will never want to go back to wynns.

    everything is relative... or as Yogi Berra said, "nothing is anything until it's compared to something!"
  2. Wow, good analogy, there needs to be a rep system here.
  3. 150? Jpineda you can find a better deal than that.. keep looking.
    there are stalls that sell them for far less.

    and as for trashman who said he will get one of those deck but didnt!
    fyi trashy i didnt say its the best finish ever(my 2 cents are on linoids and airflow). get it right!! i just said they are great for fanning.

  4. nice one..
    those crown plastic cards are ridiculously thin, and very flimsy. go look for good cards. please!! you will know what we mean in time.
  5. hha, anything lower than 150 is fake. hand painted, old, used, the angels at the backs are blurred.

    I'm gonna get my Guardians 2 weeks from now. so I'll be using my deck at the fullest then sell it for 100.... ^_^
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    how old are you?! and do you even TRY looking at the right places?!!
    SM ace hardware sells ORIGINAL BIKES for about 105.
    trinoma cutting edge shop sells TH9's at a very reasonable price.
    or if you want the best deal... go to Star paper company. they are the ones that import those decks to the country.
    there ya go!!!!!
    man!!! lower than 150 is fake?!! get ur brains right!!!!
  7. yeah... to whoever those people are... >> idiots.
    well, i only have brown wynns, so =D

    if they can fan well and spread well, i dont see why they shouldn't flourish well? maybe you need to get used to sliperry cards :S
  8. Plastic is never the way to go if the cards are going to be used for flourishing.
  9. Brown Wynns are crap. Keep them for collection because they don't give terrific fans.
    They're fanning and spreading won't tell you how well they hold up together when doing 2 handed cuts. Just correcting, maybe you did know and it slipped off.
  10. hha, you see, I dont actually go out much so I cant go to many places. I went to a magic shop a while back. Thats the place I bought my bikes. I dunno if they're still there. and yeah, I got my guardians now. so dont bother posting anymore. ^_____^
  11. Plastic cards = evil. Not unlike those pink bikes that novelty game stores sell (board and the like, not video).

    A buddy of mine once told me to use clear plastic cards for magic. I had to slap him. Nothing like a shapeshifter with clear cards to get your fans oooohing and aaaaaahing, eh?
  12. Yeah, plastic cards are not good, espacially for fans. I don't use them at all... The clear cards are a nice gimmick, but nothing more.
  13. i just crapped myself
    thats the best post here in this topic
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  14. nice post trash:)
  15. thanks , I hope you didn't crap yourself though :D no j/k
  16. yeah I should agree. It is a nice post
  17. haha, i did actually use the bicycle clears for practicing riffle passing in the shower! haha, they're truly, truly awful cards. the guys at the magic box (newcastle bricks and mortar shop) said in a statement that they handled really well apparently, but nobodies owned up to it yet!


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