I see alot of E people

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fraud, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. hey E people I like these forums the rules are looser and I can tell this will definatly rival ellusionist
  2. I see lots of people from The Cafe and Magic Woods, well basically from our huge chat today that reached about 50 members, that was awesome =]

  3. Theory 11 will not rival Ellusionist. Theory 11 will crush Ellusionist.
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  4. I think that's exactly what this forums should be, one forum to unite the members for every forum. (One forum to rule them all, one forum to bind them)

    - Dan
  5. Big SensaiMan, but it won't crush E.
  6. The E forums are down at the moment. So lots of the E members will come here, like me. Ellusionist will defiantly have some strong competition now. This site has risen the bar for all the magic sites, I cant wait to see what the future holds.

    Cheers, Tom
  7. I think Brad just threw up in his mouth a little...
  8. Wow......This is gonna own Ellusionist for sure. I'd rather have a deck of Guardians than any of their decks for suree
  9. I look at it as just different places to learn.

    Although I will still stick with the Magic Woods as my main forum.

  10. Haha nice, that's a quote for the ages =p

    And hello David nice to see another familiar face :)
  11. Yes, E will have competetion, but a couple people on here (like Wayne Houchin and J.Bayme) work for both. So I want to see whats gonna happen. [/COLOR]
  12. I wonder what is the deal with W:H and E now .... hmmm
  13. End of monopoly game ! You know what I mean :) .
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  14. what cracks me up is the the sale E has going on starting today .... hmm wonder why that is LOL
  15. i hope the forums here are better then E, i stoped ever browsing thiers, too many kids that don;t know much, but trying to give advice thats usually never good
  16. I agree... but sadly I am sure all of them will migrate eventually... hopefully there will be some system put in place..
  17. Bayme left [e] quite some time ago. And, W:H doesn't, "work," for [e]llusionist. He does market stuff through them and work, "with," them. But, certainly not, "for," them.

  18. Oh. I didnt know that. Well now I can say I learned something new today :)
  19. I won't lie, Theory 11 did a good job at hyping this (even though I hate hype). However, it's still new, and Ellusionist is the dominant one so far. But once again, this is only the first day...so anything can happen.

    I'll be on both of the forums I guess, I'm not taking sides. Why? Because it isn't a battle.

  20. i won;t be in the forums much i perfer the cafe, i don;t like the free for all forum set up. its all gravy

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