I see alot of E people

Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
I really like this magic community and tell that were all going to get along here. Theory 11 looks amazing and I can't wait for the latest news!
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I couldn't have said it better myself. We understand we aren't the sole source for quality magic guys (though this site does rock ;)). There's other resources out there and, by all means, explore them.

Bingo. Magic isn't about online forums and online stores selling new effects every month; so don't make it so.

Use it as a tool, both Ellusionist and Theory 11. Don't hate the player, hate the game...or just don't hate at all!

Wait and Hope!

I agree that Theory 11 is going to set the standard. Why do I say this? Because Unity is always more powerful and the purpose of Theory 11 is to unify talent and community.

I believe other sites will still do just fine, but the concept of Theory 11 is a shining star in the sky of Magic.

I am a Magician and will take advantage of everything I can regardless of where it comes from, but I can honestly tell you this. Theory 11 is now my home page and I will probably spend most of my time here and venture off to other areas from time to time.

I love the forum rules. Much looser than others.


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Sep 1, 2007
I dont see this as competition, just more like a blessing. Its good to see more quality material from quality magicians. Its only the beginning and im looking forward for more...
Personally I have felt for a while that the E forums were starting to get too constricting for me ... I love the site , don't get me wrong ... I just can't stand being censored... For foul language or exposure I understand ...but to not mentions artists names?!?! too far ...

I will be active on both .. but I allready have a good feeling here...
WOW ... Congrats all .. this is officially the longest thread in Theory 11 history ....

Anyhow ...One of the things that is really appealing about these forums is the fact that they want you to talk about MAGIC ...doesn't matter where it comes from .. I think that is a sign of how confident they are about thier product...Instead of running and hiding ..lets sit here and make the ART what is important.....
Sep 1, 2007
Wow......This is gonna own Ellusionist for sure. I'd rather have a deck of Guardians than any of their decks for suree
Rather have a deck of Bikes. I think everyone doesn't need these decks that E's selling and crap. But that's just me.

E got too rediculous. Artists name banned? grow up. Kids with 3 months writing these long advice threads that just repeats what everyone has already said. Oh well...hopefully it'll take a while before the effects on this site is posted somewhere by some punk. Hopefully this site won't be like E, and hopefulyl stay loose to where you can have a good time.
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