I'll be on Reality TV soon...

So I got the tip off that I'm being pulled in to a reality TV show as a member of a performing Burlesque troupe. I've been told that I was pitched as the mind reading master of mystery of the group. It's kind of cool considering I'm also one of the few male members of the troupe as well.

I film Thursday and I almost know the producers are going to want to see something. Oh what to do what to do...

I'm thinking a book test... or maybe something like Strebler's Sticky? Something minimal, but impactful. hmmm.
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Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
Good to hear William!
That's awesome!
I'm sure you will come up with something great. A nail writer can work wonders.
Just don't do anything you're not ready for. A lot of magicians will use this as a test to push their limits and perform something outside their norm. Perform something that you are very well familiar with, that can't go wrong.
Good luck! And leave us a follow up after the shoot to see how you did.
Sep 1, 2007
you're always the one to pull me out of lurking to respond...

Congrat's Will, I'm sure you'll do great man.

I'm just spitballing at 515am, but maybe it'll spark something for ya

Luke Jermay has a lipstick effect that's awesome
Fuse writing has a great eerie feel to it
With your persona, doing a reveal of someones biggest fear would be pretty cool
nail bend?
PK animation effect under a glass? Haunted Deck?

Oh or, a smash and stab routine where there's bottles full of water but one has lamp oil. Then you wield a bull whip and start smashing the bottles whilst interviewing the person who knows which one is dangerous. The catch is that the end of your bull whip is on fire, so if you mess up - flaming lamp oil goes everywhere. When there's only two left you have an assistant hold the bottles out to their sides in a "T" shape and whip the correct bottle out of their palm.

Did you say minimal?
Dec 18, 2007
Northampton, MA - USA
Firstly, congrats on the gig.

Secondly. . . keeping it simple is the most logical course to go with things and, as you said, minimalistic.

That said, instead of a book test look at a Newspaper or Magazine variation to the same. This way you can literally borrow the item or have someone buy any newspaper they want from a machine or (preferably) vendor where several different papers can be found. The idea is that you have no props and what is used is what's on hand.

If you do any bending, apply the above rule. . . have something that's on hand and therefor logical. Have a construction site as the background, for an example, so you can borrow a fist full of nails that someone can choose from and then do a series of bending routines with just the nails. . . get one of those 10" long Gutter Nails and do a PK Pen type routine with it or even "Power Word FALL" (both can be done using the same type of set-up).

REMEMBER, you don't have to bend a thing when it comes to PK. . . why not have one of the nails "dance" in a person's hand? Have a "ghost" move a number of nails/matches/toothpicks, etc. to one side that matches the number someone is thinking of and so forth.

As has been mentioned, a Swami could be your best friend as can Pocket Writing and other forms of secret writing but, if you're not comfortable with such work DON'T DO IT.

Needless to say, you know how to get in touch
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